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Published: 2021-07-25 05:15:05
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Carlos Bustamante
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I made a research about many E-commerce businesses to know the role of the software’s agents as a collaborative tool for e-commerce. I found that is very important have the collaborative tools in the e-commerce business, if you want an effective e-business.
The Software agents can improve a lot the performance of ecommerce, the implementation of these tools make a huge difference in the organization, communication, quality, and cost of a company. This project will show the great advantages that new software agents can do with the tools to improve overall performance in the world of ecommerce.
Software agents as integration in the ecommerce such as Fortune3 play a big role as a collaborative tool-ecommerce. According to Fortune3, this Software provides integration and tools such as: e-commerce Shopping Cart Integrations, Shopping Cart with live Shipping Integration, Accounting Software Integration, Social Shopping Cart, e-commerce Mobile Apps, and Integrate more than fifty Payment Processors. This software integrates a scope with industry leaders to offer and develop online merchants' access to the most complete set of tools in the e-commerce world. With this type of software agents you can offer better service to the customers. The plan of this type of software is improves the e-businesses issues thanks to the integration of the systems with others tools. So, common issues such as the process of electronic transactions, security, delivery options, etc. can be solve with the integration of many collaborative software's partners. The project execution of this agent software is based on integrate all the function of the software in an easily way to the customers. Also, associate other software agents in one place to streamline and improve customer's response with optimum support. The e-commerce software agents can monitoring and control the project thanks to the technical support, training, manuals, and useful tools such as the Knowledgebase, extensions of QuickBooks, and Peachtree software. Other software such as Google Analytics also implements a lot of tools to control and monitoring everything in the website. For example, the users, visits, where came the visitors, how much time the people stay in the website, etc.
According to Thiessen, the scope of commerce is widespread. It deals with the buying and selling of goods, commodities and services. It has two categories first is trade and second is Aid to trade. So, the plan of software’s agents as a collaborative tool-ecommerce is to offers help and implement tools such as Google Analytics, let the users plan future events, demands, keywords, etc. For example, if you have an e-business, you can use Google Analytics to schedule when the people go to look for something specific in the present or future with the keywords tool, which can help to predict future demands. So, you know when you can take advantage of the moment to promote your products or services. Also, software agents like Google Analytics implement tools to make sure everything is in control by their charts and analytical reports.
An ecommerce site such as eBay, implement activities for the users to sell, buy or auctioning products thanks to the software agents that sequence all activities of the webpage to make it fast and simple. The duration of these activities depends on the actions, in the case of buy is immediately but, in the case of auctions it can be from 1 to 30 days. The schedule software depends on the license or package acquired. The ecommerce software also has control of the project schedule by the updates.
The cost of software agents would depend in the license. In the case of Fortune3, go from $24.95 the basic version to $899.95 the unlimited version. This software can make a budget depending in the size of the business, if it’s small, medium or large company to corporations. Fortune3 licensing put the necessary tools to each business size or type. So, you have the liberty to choose what tools your e-business needs. To control the cost of the business, the agent software also have implement a lot of tools to control and monitoring every cost, since pricing items, discounts in larger orders, transactions, promotions, etc.
Today, ecommerce play a big role in the society, every day the people tend buy more online because the price and the variety of products. Now the competency is higher so, the users are asking for more quality. According to Kelly, ecommerce software editor says that, the top ecommerce software will include the ability to custom design the website layout, will utilize a quality content management system, provide high quality templates, and access to a designer if necessary. The overall design of an ecommerce website can make a significant difference in the probability of success. Therefore, the plan is provide the best quality in design, support service, security, and very important the easy use to the users such as: a good looking interface, organization in the categories, an easy way to see products or service, etc. Today, is easy perform a quality assurance in the ecommerce thanks to the new software agents tools such as Fortune3 or GoDaddy that have the control of everything in the interface of the ecommerce webpage. This agent software’s integrate services such as: domains, hosting, design, content, product, certification, analytics, advertising, etc. So, now is more secure and easier control and assurance the quality of the ecommerce business.
According to Webmyne, the human resource department is a very important section of any business and this is why to have the correct human resource software can make more efficient the functions of this important department and make it a lot more efficient. Therefore, the application of software agents as a tool-ecommerce is crucial to have an efficient organization. There are a lot of human resources software agents in the web; the plan of this software’s is to implement solution and facilities for employees and the organization by the tools given by theses software’s. Some of the tools are the recruiting tools, define job requirements, keep track the team and employees, etc. These tools can help the organization to acquiring, developing, and managing the project team. Also, this tool helps to program and schedule meetings to handle all the organization, employees, teamwork, and staff in an easy and practical way. According to Grashaw, It is important for human resources being involved in monitoring and fostering the relationships to best meet the needs of the company. This means that it is important to maintain a good relationship and compliance with human resources, since these are the ones that evaluate the performance of each employee and company personnel. This type of software helps a lot in e-commerce, since every human resource process can be integrated and automatically handle in the system.
Communication is the most important factor in ecommerce. According to Andrew B. Whinston, electronic commerce is the application of communication and information sharing technologies among trading partners to the pursuit of business objectives. Since everything is electronically, the communication is the most important tool. The plan of the software agents as a collaborative tool-ecommerce is to provide the best flexible tools to improve external and internal communication through the ecommerce business, employees and customers. Most of software agent has as the main resource communication tools, some communication tools are: mail service, telephone, video conference, social networking places, online chat tools, CRM, etc. Also, you can communicate with customers and millions of users in the worldwide with some special tools. For example, Fortune3 software provides tools such as: social media; you can use Facebook as a market place; you can add products to promote and selling it in the same place. Advertising, you can promote your website and products through social networks, webpages, emails, etc. Also provide a mobile app, to have a constant communication with your business everywhere. This software can distribute all the information via internet and stored in a server. Also other basic information such as: transactions, requests, billing, etc. can be distributed via emails. Also, the software can distribute all the information by the reports. The reports play a big role in the communication tools, the reports helps to control and monitoring everything in the business. Since, reports give all the important information, is the best way to provide the finals results to the stakeholders. In short, communication tools play a big role of software agent as a collaborative tool-ecommerce, without these communication tools the process of communication never can be effective.
The purpose of software agents is to identify, reduce, and control risk. The plan of the management risk software is to prognosticate future risk and to know what to do if a risk came. To prevent risks, the software make a risk analysis to identify the risks and know what common risk could happen in the system, the risk is storage in the system so that it does not recur in the future. Also, these tools integrate updates of new risks and integrate it into the system to prevent future risks. For example, if in the system we have a virus attack of a worm, the system identify the virus, eliminate the virus and keep the name or IP of the virus in the system, to block the entry in the future. According to CEMIT, qualitative risk analysis involve the identification of threats, where your systems are vulnerable, and the controls you can put in place to counter the threats or make your systems less vulnerable, and quantitative analysis assumes that a value can be placed on any loss that you might suffer as a result of a security violation. When values are found, you can know how the size of the risk is. The good thing about the qualitative analysis is that the software can identify all the risks and value according to their risk level and give it a priority, and with the quantitative is that you can have a guarantee if a risk appears. Risk software agents implements response planning to know what is solution the best in the case of your business. So, once the risk is identified, you can choose and control what solution can be the best in your case or business.
Procurement is one of the most important factors in ecommerce since; it deals with the process of selling, buying, and contracting. Software agents such as ERP have important and useful tools for procurement actions. The plan of this software is to automate and standardize the procurement activities to make easier the future transactions. This software can plan the purchases and acquisitions thanks to the dynamic tools. For example, if I want to know how much I have to purchase to the next month, I can use software like SAP Business One to know how much to order because, this can make an analysis of the last purchases, request the sellers for the next order, select the best sellers looking by the rates in quality and price, helps to administrate the contracts to know how much the customers want order every month. Also, reminders when a contract is close to done.
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