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Section: 1
Due Date: 30. January .2013
Course Instructor: Saju Jose
Team members
Akram Younis
Mohammad Hussam Ahmad
Table of Contents
List of figures:
Executive Summary
Started as Ericsson a mobile company founded in 1930s then merged with Sony in 2001 to form the famous mobile company "Sony Ericsson". Mobile phones produced by Ericsson Company started by black and white screen the T200 and T600 models, then mobile phone world developed and more features were added. Nowadays with all the technological developments, mobile phone companies tend to compete among each other by adding features that attract consumers and thus increasing the sales of the company and being among one of the best in the world companies.
From the black and white mobiles, colored W800 phone was followed, and finally latest is the Xperia series (Xperia miro, Xperia J, Xperia T, Xperia 10, etc.). In this Xperia there are many models each with an additional feature that was popular at the time of its production, starting from 2008 with X1 and developing this series till the current Xperia arc and play and the coming Xperia Z. A new phone means something must be different and unique, with the latest Xperia Z some of its attractions are water and dust resistant, 13MP camera, a wet finger tracking touch screen.
Sales of Sony Ericsson have been well until the smart phones galaxy and iphone took over the market in the last 5 years. Thus, in order for the new Xperia that is to be released to be visible among the many brands, popular, and satisfy customer demand a good marketing strategy is needed. Thus, our mission is "Having the future in the palm of your hands".
In this report, first is a brief history about the origin of Sony Ericsson Company and the mobile phone development with time. After that, is a study of the current market and the requirement, followed by a list of features of the Xperia Z, market action and market target. This report also presents threats and opportunities that are needed to design the marketing strategy. Finally, at the end of the report is the marketing strategy developed for the release of Xperia Z after considering the points discussed earlier.
We are representing a marketing plan for our new product that we are hopping will be a great success in our present and future life and will be able to penetrate the market in many different ways and target the required market for this product. Our product is the new smartphone Sony Xperia Z, we are sure that we will be competing against a lot of great and successful companies like Apple and Samsung that have high market shares, but this will not be affecting us as we will be using the right strategy which will enable us to overtake the market and be the leading company with the most selling smart phone. The market plan we will be doing in our company "SONY" will focus on a lot of points including the mission statement we are willing to use to attract the consumers, the goals, and the objectives of our company and how we want to increase our sales in the long run through our product. We will be focusing on how to promote the Xperia Z with all its great features as well as setting a value based price that will help us compete very well against Apple and Samsung here in the UAE, because as we all know Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are the top 2 selling smart phones in the UAE. So by knowing how to promote our product as well as giving the product a good value-based price and knowing where to sell our smart phone the Xperia Z, we are so much sure of our market plan and in the long run, our company, Sony, will have great sales and high market shares in the UAE.
History of the company
Sony Ericsson is a Japanese-Swedish telecommunication manufacturing company that merged together in 2001. On the other side, Sony mobile communications is a multinational mobile phone manufacturing company that was founded on May 1946 after the end of World War II, started as a radio repair shop. It played a major role in the development of Japan as a powerful exporter from the 1960s to the 1980s. It expanded into new businesses, from film and insurance to banking. Sony mobile is the world's 10th largest mobile phone manufacturer by market share in the first quarter of 2012 and the 3rd largest Smartphone manufacturer by market share in the third quarter of 2012.
Ericsson's mobile phone telephone operation was founded in the 1930s and became the world leader with a 17% share of sales in 1990s. By 1999, they sold almost 32 million phones compared to 1993 which was 800,000 phones. They faced a lot of problems from 1999 to 2001 and one of those problems was the introduction of the 3G technology which affected Ericsson badly and failed to deliver its new mobile phones.
On April of 2001, Ericsson merged with Sony and was based in London and on October of the same year they were founded as a joint venture. Sony acquired Ericsson's share in the venture on February 2012.
Sony Ericsson started manufacturing mobile phones for a very long time from the age of black and white phones like the T200 and T600 to the age of the colored phones like the W800, W810 and much more and now they have transformed with the modern technology mobiles and manufactured the XPERIA, and it had included different kinds and designs of the phone like the Xperia miro, Xperia J, Xperia T, Xperia 10 and much more. The latest production was the Xperia Z which will be coming out soon exceeding all levels of perfection in the design and features, and will compete strongly against the top two most selling mobile phones nowadays, Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.
Xperia mobile phones were first released in 2008 with the Xperia X1 which was a windows mobile, then came the Xperia X10 which was released in 2010 followed by the Xperia arc and PLAY which were released in 2011 and finally the Xperia Z which will be released soon by Sony.
Xperia Z is a very functional phone and has more value compared to other smartphones. What differentiates it from any other smartphone are the features that available on the device, which include water and dust resistant which is not found in any other Smartphone, as well as its 13MP camera with HDR option. It also includes a wet finger tracking touch screen, floating touch screen, mobile bravia engine display, clear black panel and opti-contrast panel display as long as no-air-gap screen. Its music features includes xLoud experience, clear audio, clear audio+, and a clearbass. Apart from the 13MP camera and the HDR option it has a 3D Sweep Panorama view, a fast capture option, superior auto and sleep-to-snap option as well. Those are some of the features that make Xperia Z smartphone a very useful phone for our generation and will be able to compete against other great smart phones, not mentioning its price and the availability of the colors that will meet the customer's needs and wants.
The Sony (including the Sony Ericson) market in the UAE was of good shape in the last decade and was having great sales until the new generation smart phones came up which were the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy in the last 5 years and took over the market and Sony sales and market went down along with Sony Ericsson's, and now with this new Sony Xperia Z we are planning on taking over the market again with all the amazing features and price that may not be found in those other two smart phones the iPhone and the Galaxy. To achieve that we will have a very strong marketing strategy that will penetrate the market to achieve great sales, get high market shares, and satisfy the customer's demands.
Product features:
Xperia Z is a multi-tasked android device of which most people are used to the operating system. The process of developing such a device included a lot of tests and experiments regarding the safety, space, speed and ease of accessibility. The chances for getting a bullet through a bullet proof chest are higher than the chances for our phone to break, and that’s all because of the new technology used to build the phone. This device has been upgraded in a way in which a triple layered flexible lens covers the phone from all the edges guaranteeing the safety of the exterior and the interior structure, using this guarantees the safety of the phone when it falls of our consumers hands. With respect to the storage space, it holds up to 1 terabit which means that the consumer shouldn’t worry about replacing memory cards every time one gets full since the chance of a full memory is incredibly low. This also gives the ease of downloading all of the desired applications suitable for the use of the consumer whether it’s for business use, personal use, or even just for time wasting and playing. With such a powerful device, the processing of the applications can never get any faster, once installed, instant use is available, not only that but a fast one too. An Xperia store has been established in which it summed all the applications on the globe, and adjusted some of the pre applications making them simpler and entertaining to use. The size and shape of the device allow it to fit anywhere. For the first time ever, an android rubber and flexible device Xperia z has been established, where the user can twist it or even fold it.
Current market situation and action plan:
The selling of Sony products in the field of mobile phones and android devices have been declining. The plan of the Xperia is to draw a long curve in the production and sales of Sony, due to that, we are waiting to see the outcomes of the competing companies before releasing the product to make sure that Xperia over takes the field of android devices and support all the possible satisfaction for the consumers. It will be a hard task to re attract the market’s eyes on the product but with the action programs planned along with IMC, the task will be simplified. To start with consumers should know more about the phone and its features, and getting to them all is a hard task unless it’s done properly. Smartphones mostly target a certain age group which means they’re looking for people within the age of 14 to 30. Getting to that age group is simple and cheap using the web marketing mix which is advertising online by showing pictures of the device and its. The other will be posting ads over the media of all sources, including the tv, newspaper and mobile phones. Show booths will also be spread across the famous malls of the United Arab Emirates in which consumers can get to test the phone while merchandising. Finally posters will be posted around the city to grab attention over the product and get costumers wanting to know more about it.
Segmentation and target market
Sony produced the Xperia Z to compete other products like Samsung galaxy S3, iPhones, htc devices, etc . Therefore, a huge company as Sony should make strategies to reach the largest possible segment of people. Deliberate and correct steps are needed to accomplish our goals and objectives. Here in this project we will discuss certain market segmentation which is UAE segmentation. So Sony has to use the market segmentations and market targeting.
In market segmentation we should identify the segmentation variables which are Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic and Behavioral. In geographic segmentation we should know it means the division of the market into different groups depending on the places, countries and regions. To market the Xperia Z, Sony should study the geographic units and chances to get profits in UAE and which places need more focusing and efforts to achieve success in this region. For example, some people in the western region may not have a lot of information about technology, and the device sales are very low. Therefore, we should spend more time and find unique ways to market their product. Also, we must intensify publicity in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in particular, because it is considered an important commercial centre in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, we should look for residential areas which could help in market invasion, and get a high market share.
Second, Demographic is about segmenting consumer markets. It divides the market into groups based on variables such as age, gender, family size, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, and nationality. For example, in UAE, people of different ages and sex are interested in the acquisition of the latest technology of smart phones and other. Therefore, we must use different ways to encourage them and their family members so as to make each class have its own way out. Also, the level of income per capital in the United Arab Emirates is one of the highest levels in the world. Therefore, this rate of sells should be high in UAE. But there are some segments of consumers that won’t be buying Xperia Z such as people of the low income since they see the prices are expensive compare to their incomes, but at the same time they have the will to buy it. In this case we should make some sales promotion on the product to motivate the consumers to buy it.
Psychographic divides buyers into different groups based on social class, lifestyle, or personality traits. In UAE there are different social classes. Each class has certain attitudes. For example, the rich people they look for the quality and specifications of the phone more than the price. On the other hand there are some people that look on the prices and offerings before the specifications. Therefore, we should be carefully placing the price and since our specifications are on a high level rich people will buy it directly. We are going to focus on the consumer segments which their lifestyle is which depends on electronic devices and technological advances.
The last one is Behavioural segmentation. Behavioural segmentation divides buyers into groups based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses, or responses to a product. Some groups of people have knowledge of all kinds of mobile companies and the latest technologies used in the devices that they must make it clear to people what is the latest technology in the device and what distinguishes it from others.
We should have a vision when it targets markets. There are three target marketing strategies. The best to use for the Expria Z is differentiated, and that’s because we need to target different segments with different marketing strategies. We have to divide the consumers into several segments to deal with each segment with appropriate strategy for it as we discussed before. Any manufacturer wants to enter all markets must be concerned with the price and quality. So the marketing department must follow competitors in order to provide products offers to stay ahead of other companies price wise while still having a good profit and show device features that distinguish it from others. Also, it can target the segments through exhibitions, advertisements in commercial centers, universities, and public institutions to reach the largest segment of people that did not know about the device or didn’t know enough. Company must use polls to see what consumers think about our product and whether its price is what the device deserves. Also, consumers should be asked about the device what they would do to improve it or whether they would like more colors since colors have a significant effect in the psychological thinking of people.
Threats and opportunities
We are living in an era where technology runs everything. This leaves production companies in a competitive zone. Nowadays several companies are getting into the smart mobile phone manufacturing race .The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the most developed countries in the world. So, the usage of smart phones is very high here. This makes companies from all over the world manufacture and promote their products in the United Arab Emirates. Which attracts experts from all over the world .with a lot of ads , promotion of the varieties of smart phones available ,one have to settle and ask him/herself which one is better for me ? . For people living or visiting the United Arab Emirates where new buildings are constructed every second, road diversions are made now then. Sony Xperia has the best GPS software to keep a person on track. So once you have a Sony Xperia phone be rest assured you are safe and always on track .This country’s main income is tourism that comes for buying and selling of goods and services. Many people are finding it very difficult to locate what they want to purchase or the places the stores are located. Well, the Sony Xperia is here for your rescue. With its fastest internet service ever made, people can buy or sell goods without the fear that their internet service might cut off and the transaction will terminate due to lack o essential internet service. The Sony Xperia is not just an average regular phone; it offers a variety of functions, powerful features and better capabilities than other mobile devices. While other phones allow you to make calls, text and check emails, Sony Xperia offers a total advanced package. One can send email with a file attached, make and receive video calls, purchase tickets online and it has a camera which is as sharp and clear as an owl eye. It simply offers the internet functionality that your typical home computer do. As the Sony Xperia arrived in the market , sales and profits of the top existing phones such as apple {iphone} , Samsung {galaxy} etc has decelerate . Now the Sony Xperia have a very solid lead a head of each onexery mobile device ever made. It comes with a life time warranty so be rest assured it will never fail you .its price is relatively affordable for every average person, unlike other mobile phones with few features and high amount. So why pay more for less service while the best is a few bucks away?
The united Arab Emirates is one the countries where culture and value are highly anticipated .so parents are in constant monitor of their children , what they are doing , where they are at any all times . So Sony Xperia has a version with tracking device that makes it able for parents to locate a child wherever he/her is .with the tracking device , people don’t have to worry about their phones been stolen or getting lost ,In academic institute students and tutors using Sony Xperia have are great advantage because it comes with a wide range of online books ,and tutorials .the phone has a great deal for everyone , young , old and even small children .
Marketing strategy (4p’s)
The Product is Sony Xperia Z mobile phone, a device that sums up all of the features of handheld devices around the globe, with a memory size of 1 terabit and a flexible unbreakable external structure made to satisfy users of all ages, sex and life style.
The price of Xperia Z is fixed since it doesn’t come in different shapes, sizes or features, we made sure to make the price affordable by people of average standards of living in which it costs 2000DHS with a 5 years guarantee.
The promotion of Xperia Z will take place in all the cities around the UAE to give the chance to all people around UAE to ignite their thoughts about the product and get all the information needed regarding it. Maintenance is provided around the 7 emirates if needed and so is the purchase of the product.
The place of production will be in Dubai and it will be distributed efficiently around the 7 emirates to our braches around UAE.
Marketing objective and Goals
To begin with, many organizations develop a mission statement for their company. Mission statement is a statement of organizational purpose to achieve the wants and needs in a larger environment. In brief, the mission statement of SONY electronics is to make life easier and comfortable for the customers. As we mentioned before, our project is discussing the Xperia Z Smartphone from SONY. SONY electronics has made a new mission for their company because their organization is drifting down in the smart phone markets, so they needed to research and develop their product, which can happen by using new technology that satisfy the customers’ needs and want and help make their life easier. The engineers of SONY Electronics Company are responsible for developing the technology of the Xperias Z phone. As we said before the missions should be specific, and SONY Electronics Company has a mission in their Xperia smart phones to be not only a touch screen and full HD Android Smartphone, they also built the phone to be a dust and water resistant which is something new for the smart phones. This showed that most of the people needed since along time not only for the normal phones but also for the smart phones. The Xperia Z can resist the rain and the water jets, also it can be cleaned by water if it’s exposed to dust. Despite of that the Xperia Z smart phone thickness is too low (7.9mm thick), they made it with a 10-mega pixels camera. Another new technology in Xperia Z that it has Exmore RS image sensor technology, which can record HDR video and help take better photographs than the other smart phone. The main mission for the SONY electronics company is to be the second or third in the smart phones markets in making life easier and combatable by satisfying the needs and wants for the customers with the previous features. The SONY company needs to turn the mission into detailed objectives and goals and the company need that to improve both profits and research. There are two types of objective, the business objectives and the market objective. The business objective is about investment in research profits, and to create a local partnership. The investment in the product research is that Xperia z has made the phone so it can resist water and people can use it while they are in the shower and bath, because the phone can be submerged in water up to one metre deep for 30 minutes. And also they made it’s weight too as the phone is super slim, moreover, to make the phone more special Sony used Only premium materials, like aluminium for the power and volume buttons and durable tempered glass for the front and back. For the investment in the profits, SONY has made very big ads in UAE (United Arab Emirates) and in its channels. Also Sony has created a local partnership with Google as they are using android and it’s made the phone more fast and good in the processor. For the marketing objectives they need to increase market share, increase promotions and to build profitable customer relationship. The increasing in the market share has happened by opening large markets everywhere in UAE. And with this they increased the promotions like the discounts, sales and adding more features to the smart phones. Finally they build a very good relationship with the customer and got a value in return because they have a very good customer service and a good labors and make their products cost a little comparing to the good quality it has.
Time line
Desired outcome
Develop new markets
Over the coming 6 months period
Increase the sales of Xperia by approximately 12%
Manage the distribution
In early summer
Costumer satisfaction of obtaining the product
Place ads all over the 7 emirates in public and random places
By the end of the fall season
Increase sales by 22%
Perform show booths and door to door sales in high populated areas
Over the coming 8 months
Increase sales by 7%
In conclusion, XPERIA Z is huge step in the history of production and especially in Sony’s. The targets, plans and actions have been set. So is the plan of production and the geographical area of release, moreover the suitability of the product to all ages and sexes. With the release of XPERIA Z, Sony will eventually overcome the threats of other manufacturers and raise a high profitable curve of spellings and production on the scale that’s been low for a while.

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