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Now a days Performance management became as the catchphrase, and this plays a key role in this aggressive competition and for the leadership battle in an organisation. Armstrong and Baron (1998) , performance management is defined as combination of essential and coordinated approach which is used to deliver flourishing grades in an organisations through performance improvements and development of potentials in individuals and teams. According to Mabey et al., 1995 Performance management is defined as the agenda where the performance by individuals are refined, motivated and directed to give the best results in organisation. Performance Management is the process, which runs throughout the year between the supervisors and employees in an organisation in an cyclic process. This performance management got its importance in early 1980’s, when total quality management received the highest consequence for the superior standards and quality performance.
Objectives of Performance management:
According to (Lawler,2008)A successful Performance management system in an organisation is fulfilled by four things. E. E. Lawler, Talent: Making People Your Competitive Advantage (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2008).
Performance required by an organisation is first cleared and created in an agreement. Which plays a vital role in indivual performance which chains in guiding the plans and strategy of the organisation?
Individuals are trained and developed with the proper skills and knowledge, which helps them to work effectively and lead them to good performance in the organisation.
Motivating the individual is one the best thing to get good performance by the individual. Sometimes though the individuals high level, he needs a motivation to work effectively.
Human capital information in an organisation files the data of these individuals, as on which skills they are performing and knowledge in their respective workplaces.
Effect of Process management: According to Marchington and Wilkinson, 2002:318 it is the process, which involves continuously and leads to improvement in performance in regular times.
Continuous improvement in an organisation, by giving continuous coaching and constructive feedback by the time of performance deliverance.
Rewarding the employees by giving promotional or career support in developing in their fields with proper guidance.
Planning the information of an employee and explaining them about the job description, which helps in their development?
Encouraging the individuals by motivating them and getting their best performance.
Performance management process:
The performance management process offers a medium cooperation between the supervisors and individuals (employees) which improve the satisfaction and results of the work. This performance management is more successful when there is active participation between the supervisor and employee works together to achieve the following.
Performance planning
Performance planning
Performance planning
Alignment with mission and vision
Performance planning
1. Performance planning:
This planning is explained as the Next year planning is meant to be done in the following areas
Having clear view on the standards and expectations of the job.
Like maiantaining the standard
Expectations from someone in this position
Setting up the goals in terms of performance
Achiving the best of the employee in the next year.
Goals in terms of development has to be done
What are the knowledge and skills are to be developed by an employess in the coming year in their respective fields?
2. Day-to-day coaching and feedback
Regularly discusing about the performance not only at thereviews time. Andsharing or giving constructive feed back on the success of employees and improving them in areas needed. Try to find out the feedback from the employees regarding work process and results.
3. Quarterly performance check-in
Performance check is done at least once in quarterly. And find out the improvements and success needed in the areas.
1. Mainataince of standards
2. perforamnce goals achievement
3. development goals achievement.
4. Formal performance review
Formal meeting at the end of year by giving the feedback of development and performance outcomes and planning for the next year to get more best resuts than the previous.
Performance management process within McDonalds:
We can achieve good performance goals in the team, department and the organisation by supporting the mission, vision through effective performance management
Ensuring about the mission, vision and goals of an organisation, which helps to take an initiative steps for improvement and development? Supervisors or managers help the employees to improve and develop their skills and effort made by the employees to achieve the goals in a department and organisation.
Performance Planning:
Make sure that the job responsibities are realised mutually.
What job role they are in ?
What are the responsibilities?
2 Make sure standards and expectations are understanded by them mutually
What are the standards and expectations shoud met ?
What are the quality measures to be taken which leads to success ?
Time expectations to serving the customer?
Are we meeting the customer expectations?
What are the tips to be followed toachieve standards and expectations ?
Providing good customer service
Always smiling and have good eye contact while communicating with the customer.
Greeting the customers and thanking them for visiting the restaurant.
Always be friendlys and courteous to the customer
Recheck the order with the customer once they placed the order.
Make sure you served everything what customer has order.
Performance goals to be set
Setting a performance goals tells us how an employee works hard to achieve that goals in the specifc given time. 5 SMART criteria is covered by the successful goals, they are
Day-to-Day Coaching & Feedback
Regularly discussing about the employee performance
More conversation makes the coaching mre effective.The main characteristics of coaching and feedback conversations of successful performance is discussed below
• They are dialogues, not monologues
• Feedback should be given eguraly at the same time instead of reserving for the formal reiew at the end.
• Address concerns and strengths are balanced.
• Discussing with the employees must be in a polite manner both in behavious and in words too.
Recognising the success and giving them constructive/appreciative feedback –
• Focus on – Always pay attention towards the employee and notice them when they are doing a great job at the work.
• Praising the employee for the meaning resuts
o Rather than saying just "well done" attempt by sayig you did a splendid job, and helped us to serve the customers and reached their expectations.
• Personally thank the employee
o Try acknowledging in other forms by substituting an in-person thank
you, not to replace it.
• Celebrating the successes
o By celebrating the sma wins to reach your goals, will give boost to the employees and eads to motivation and continued commitment to the success.
Dealing with th problems and solving them.
Some points are given below which are termed as best practices
– punctuality- always be on time.
– Not to overreact on the incidents whic are isolated.
–Dealing with controllable number of concerns at a time.
– Giving some examples and be particular
– pay attention on actions which are observable and their impact.
– pay attention on sloving the problem instead of blaming.
– Engage in a dialogue – not a monologue
–Defining the problem exactly and working together as a team to slove that problem.
Steps of conversation followed when dealing with the performance problems.
1. Explain the outlook of your problem. Use Action impact format to explain your concern If the problem is a concern,
Action-Impact Format:
o Explaining the action you observed.
o explain the Impact the action had on results.
Listen and ask the others view regarding the problem
o try to understand the others point of view by listening to them non-defensively.
3. Discovering the problem definition which is agreeable for both of us.
4. Suggesting the possible solutions to the problems.
5. Implementing the plan by having the same opinion
6. Sucess of the plan is checked by planning a follow up meeting.
Page 10
Quarterly Performance Check-In
Review of goals, progress and results are done in ateast once per quarter to achieve success and identify the improvement opportunities.
1. Checking the progress
What is working well?
What is not working?
2. mid-course adjustments are made where needed
What are the changes required to improve the performance or progress to reach the goal?
The tools below can help to facilitate performance check-in conversations:
What went well?
What to continue
What’s not working?
What to change/do
Stop – Start – Continue
Stop doing what we are doing now
We should start what we are not doing
Continue with the work what we are doing now.
age 12
Formal Performance Review
Conducting the Review
1. the employee’s performance feedback have tp be shared by you must Include the information regarding the strengths and successes and aso the areas where employee needs improvement.
b. Giving grades to the employee.
c. Giving justification to each rating by providing wherever examples needed such as good or bad above or below the achievement.
2. Appraisals of employees performance are listened and invited.
3. Invite the employee to give a feedback on you, which includes the idea for
4. the performance planning phase has to be re-entered.
a. Expectations for the next year has to be defined.
b. goals of performance have to be set.
c. learning and development goals are recognised.
Best Practices:
• make an agenda in advance for evaluation meetings.
• Allowing sufficient amount of time for discussion
• In order to present the information be prepared in advance
•Ensure that positive notes should be covered in starting and ending of the meeting.
line management
Line management is defined as the process in which management is supervised within the activities taking place under successful supervision connected with all activites in that particular working place.( Article Details Written By: Malcolm Tatum Edited By: Bronwyn Harris Copyright Protected: 2003-2013 Conjecture Corporation)
Roles and responsibilities of line manager :
Line manager plays a key role in the organistaion in there respective workpaces.
The roles of the line manager are
Giving feedback
Ensuring the development of personal plans
Meetings conducted requlary
Conducting appraisal meeting at the end of the year.
Coaching is not to reform or rebuild the people its all about relasing strengths orperspectiveness in them.
Giving feedback:
As a ine managr giving feed backplays a main role. Give feedback to the job holders at right timewhich improves their skills and leads to there development for the coming year.gigivng them constructive or destructive feedback regularly about their performance. Giving right feedback at right time may gives no suprieses in the review meetng.
As a line manager we should support the crew by giving them good feedback.
By supporting them in all aspects of the job and guiding thme in a proper manner to develop their skills and knowledge in which station they are working.
Ensuring the development of personal plans:
Making sure about the development program of each and evry employee is arried out regularly. Which helps in the development of the personal skills of the employee and organisation.
Meetings conducted regularly:
Meetings are conducted regularly in order to review the employees. As reviewing them in their performance and skills achieved by them gives a boos up to the employees, They contribute more to the organisation by this review.
Conducting appraisal meeting at the end of the year:
This meeting is conductd at the end of the year, by the line manager to job holder.
In this meeting line manager discusses the performance of the jobholder. Onetoone meeting.
Discussing about the McDonalds organisations
McDonald’s is termed as one of the world’s largest chain of restaurants which serves quickly and got more than 33,500 restaurants worldwide which gives an employee opportunities to 1.7million people in UK. There are around 1200 McDonald’s fast food restaurants in uk and around 87,500 employs working in McDonalds to deliver the standard quality of food and service to the customers. McDonalds invests around £30 million every year in development and training o the employees.
As a franchising organisation, McDonalds providing more than 65% of the local business people owned and operated this McDonalds organisation. Career progression is offered by the McDonalds as 9/10 store managers started their entry in McDonalds a s crew and 1/5 franchisee started as a crew in McDonalds.
Olympics long-term commitment gives pride to the McDonalds. In 1968 first involvement of McDonalds in US Olympics and the athletes got homesick of American food, McDonalds introduced the hamburgers into the Olympic village. At Montreal games in 1976, official sponsorship has started for McDonalds. And they are proud as they are official sponsors for 2012 Olympics in London and they did a lot of field work for this sponsorship to get success, they employed around 70,000 employees for this even in the Olympic village. They succeeded in that Olympic event.
Role played by line management implementing the performance management in McDonald’s
The performance management in mcdonalds are shown in the figure below. Performance management deals with all the other ascpects. As we mentioned aove about the performance management it plays a vital role in the organisation, it is evident in the figure below.
As from the above figure it is evident that performance management takes into consideration of each and evry aspect of the employee in an organisation. We can say that skills, learning , planning , development programs are related with the performance management, it is important to review the feedback of the employees in regular intervals of time by giving them feedback , and development in the areas which they are back in and mproving there skills in their respective aspects which leads to development of the organisation.
Line management hierarchy in mcdonalds of a store is shown below. It consosits of trainee, crew member, floor manager, shift manager, crew trainer, 1st and 2nd assistant manager and business manager is nothing but a store manager.
Here shift manager plays a key role or acts as a line manager in this prgansation. The role played by shift manager is giving feedback to the employes for ther work and improving their skills when needed.
Shift manager is responsible for the smooth run of the shift with mainataining the standarad quality of food and good service towards the customers, and takes responsibility of the crew by giving them there jobs and checking them in evry aspect and in the same time giving them feedback and improving them in their fieds. In the same time he should check the sales and labour level and report it to the senior managers in the store if there is any problem.
Steps followed by the mcdonalds to convert into culture of high performance
• erformance management is practised and analysed by managers.
• Integrated approach is designed by the organisation too Identify,
o Develop,
o Reward talent.
Role of line management plays a very important in implementing the performance management in an organisation. From last 30 years, McDonald’s delivers strongest business results. Line management is crucial enabler to achieve this success by making sure about the goals of individual performance with the plans of business and regularly searching and flourishing the talents for the future.
"i’m lovin it"
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