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Published: 2021-08-08 15:25:08
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The study of this report is the overall discussion of future operational strategy and operational systems of a company. We are going to analyse a complete report on the company called "POKKA". It involves the topics design, operation and development of productive systems and their service in business.
Pokka Singapore as an ideal food company committed to its mission, ensuring customer satisfaction, and food and beverage manufacturer in Singapore and the Asia Pacific aims to be a leader. Today, more than 30 types of drinks in different packaging and distribution market, both domestic and foreign in Singapore
Fig 1: Pokka Products and Service
This report is mainly based on our current operations, the database operations, management and discusses how to improve our operational efficiency and plant performance. In fact, due to the key issues of our factory is based on the amount of this distribution, commodity and raw material quality, production planning and customer satisfaction are several providers. As a result, our plant, our production plant in the next twelve months, operational efficiency, ways to improve efficiency and productivity to maintain current operational capacity and performance and appearance.
In order to improve production and operations, and management strategies, management of the supply chain, inventory management, methods of production planning, including quality management, on board. This report should be considered when making relationships and roles providers that the process will discuss the strategies and associated information, and finally due to the amount of delivery, quality of products and raw materials, production planning, and issues such as customer satisfaction, our factory is dealing with multiple vendors. Activities and trends discussed management and identity development.
Finally, discussions of the various management solutions and production operations, including best practices, results and purchase of materials, production capacity, improve quality and customer satisfaction, optimize suppliers. Furthermore, vendor management and customer management recommendations should focus on two key aspects.
Our Pokka Company is over all administration activities. The activities related to supply management, inventory control, quality control, grades of Operations management, including customer satisfaction and development. Procedures effectiveness and efficiency of operations carefully before a large and David were discussed earlier. Therefore, Operations management significant estimates and currently many providers report because our procedures for factory inspection, including surgery. In the end, providers are increasing the values Operations management discusses the nature of a dilemma on how to deal out.
In fact, many features, such as providers choose our Operations management, comments on the actions and calls to a different range, size of ball, material, raw materials, production planning, quality and customer satisfaction.
Fig 2: Operations Management
A general list of common functions that have to be analyzed in the following statement:-
Selecting suppliers and handling operations in workmanship and materials to increase production to create a formal Operations management.
Delivery activities reduce costs and increase the speed and security of supply, to ensure optimal management of transit operations.
Quality control procedures to reduce the rejection rate increases acceptable standard output.
It optimizes the production of equipment and manpower planning systems for production.
Customer satisfaction increases customer loyalty and reduces customer criticism.
Processing Procedures the measures necessary to receive and ship products and quick results, as soon as the recovery strategy.
The availability of raw materials needed to produce holdings reduce inventory and improve policies and procedures for inventory management.
As a result, an operations manager, I see an opportunity to create Operations management present the idea of ​​choosing the right provider. I have the best balance between our suppliers and an aim to present a critical analysis and develop Operations management behaviours discusses various management strategies.
Performance management, Pokka products and services on a range as one of the five elements, there is a way to keep control of him again. It is fast and efficient response to business needs, resource management, allows CIOs to plan ahead. As part of a broader corporate strategy, it is increasingly difficult to impose order on the natural ability of the company to adopt management tools.
The ability to dynamically allocate infrastructure Management Company that is being used in the way you intend providing the ability. One of the biggest problems facing all sectors that supply and demand balance. For more resources wastage, very small causes discontent and business of the company in a headache.
At the same time, some businesses can not afford not to run important applications very small volume prove disastrous. In an ideal world, small or waste and efficiency are not always sufficient to meet demand. The ability to implement management tools that allows access to this ideal.
The adoption of an effective management strategy helps to identify opportunities for consolidation and efficiency in its use. You can monitor the effectiveness of a new infection. Just wasted resources before they can save money. But from there, will impact on the cost and the strategy of how the company learned, the impact of a new application or business process and business model might work.
This business about a particular program, or if you want to continue to help make better informed decisions. Performance management is used to manage demand according to business priority, so you do not have sufficient capacity to operate effectively ensure that there are always a few key steps can make. By documenting current usage levels and anticipated the needs of the company to help create a long-term strategy of the company.
Performance management tools to rapidly invest in companies that have been taken. By pinpointing resource hungry applications that spend money on new products, rather than use resources more efficiently be able to avoid.
Capacity management is a key part of the service level requirements to determine business. That workplace, how it will work necessary to identify the expectations are calculated. From there, you can review our systems and the ability to meet the needs of their users or customers to determine how well, and in some areas the capacity reduces or can be added to others.
Through media it has benefited a lot and advertising and promotions could be reached public as soon as possible. The newspapers and media its an advertising tool where Pokka product can be marketed easily for retailers also.
Fig 3: Media advertisement
Operations planning our Operations Management branch of a well. In fact, as we have real-time operating systems issues such as process control systems and techniques can be used to solve many practical problems, producing a wealth. This success, despite the deadline for alternative and complementary approaches to the study of automata based on the ability to achieve the schedule, in fact, our plant is proposed. The main objective of this work, many scheduling problems can be modelled with more ease and convenience automata do not care.
In addition, changes in parameter settings expressiveness of timed automata and the problem of small changes in the specifications (Mark, 2004, p. 30) makes strong models. This approaches our factory the next twelve (12) months to develop. In addition, over the next 12 months, we can create the following Figure 3 and production planning, scheduling a clear flow, is provided.
The main strength of this approach allows the expressivity of automata appropriate that, unlike traditional approaches, our plant is efficient and effective planning in the database are very friendly. Furthermore, our approaches to the problem of parameter values ​​are robust to changes in the specification.
Can be used to match the best planning and efficient
A plant with a quick movement of goods, assets and the low cost of the materials used in the
As a result of the additional capacity, faster ball speed and increased customer service
There is a table in more reliable supplies
Offers planning with time
Collaboration in the value chain to improve the planning of the supply chain and less expensive ways to meet the needs of most - profitable options depending on the delivery process and integrates project. Advanced planning and scheduling of activities, our factory has the following deals:
Evaluation of various supply chain systems maintenance and support materials (post-implementation services).
Planning solutions
Technical Services
Development of a bolt on Order Management applications
The development of solutions in support of the program and of the same plant.
The provider did not meet the standard shipping schedule is uncertain and unexpected delays that occur with time of export. Therefore, the time between deliveries is a variable unpredictable. In addition, we are successful; it is an appropriate distribution, assuming a successful surgical treatment. Behrmann. The exponential variation between the times distributions are generally small, rarely without a ball with a long interval, he will come.
Quality assurance procedures that make the most of the proportion of satisfactory value output and minimises negative response. Defects, such as through the use of a system of quality control, quality control, that is prevention. Other commonly known as verification and validation of the quality management system within the test and defects related to quality control, which is innovation.
Development of new products and suppliers of products and operations management systems and supply chain to support the development of two (SCM), trends in performance management have become intertwined, directly or indirectly, Lambert and Cooper, 2000 advice. When we are able to simplify communication between commercial providers of electricity, suppliers and more difficult because many of the geographical distance and resource constraints, the search for products that provide timely distribution (Christopher et al., 2005, pp. 289 - 301). Therefore, strategic planning, operations and logistics planning systems are important in our supply chain.
The overall intention of the faces of the people in our factory, the report will be discussed and considered by the notices should handle this hunt I present the five basic elements (Lambert and Cooper, 2000, pp. 65-83).
Fig 4: Supply chain Management of Pokka
Plan: This hunt May is a strategic area. Customer satisfaction is our factory and manages all the resources that will meet the needs of a strategy. It is very efficient and our current hunt may set of indicators to monitor the planning of the supply chain, development, reducing costs and provides quality and customer value.
Source: Providers should select the right materials to provide our plant. Therefore, the providers supply chain management for the price, delivery and payment of a package of measures to create and build relationships to monitor and improve the measurement. Upon receipt and verification of the management of the export chain, manufacturing plants, including the power to transform and payments to suppliers, materials and inventory management processes can not be combined.
Make: this step of production. Administrator’s delivery supply chain, manufacturing, testing, packaging, and production plan for necessary actions. Quality levels, production output and worker productivity can be measured, and the management of the supply chain, most of the measure - is a serious part.
Deliver: This hunt let our operations and management of customer satisfaction and logistics of coordinating the receipt of customer orders, the area is known.
Return: This hunt can be a problem area. A supply chain planner’s defective and excess product to our customers and meet customer problems is necessary to create a viable and flexible.
Fig 5: SCM of a company
Various tools and skills to manage activities such as clear call. Quality, cost and delivery of a product is considered to be three-dimensional. Represents the primary value of the product quality required by our mill is an attribute. Appropriate tolerances, specifications, features and examples of the types of standard codes. The cost of the second dimension refers to the costs of production and delivery to the customer, which is another cost impact: our factory or our suppliers to pay the cost "price". Cost of production and profitability of our marketing affects plant. Lambert length and Cooper (2000), in the end, in the correct place in the correct amount or the amount of time, at the right time, while the customer satisfaction with the finished products.
Our quality, cost and delivery of the work falls on the shoulders of the total operations or production manager. Output quality, cost and delivery of finished products, or the quality, cost and supply, production manager in the management of processes and inputs that go into making efforts to release this product.
In control of the manufacturing sector - Satisfaction and distribution of available finished goods inventory often, the production lead time, length and the available capacity of the client is determined. Production plans and production schedules to determine the effectiveness of the delivery of our plant. In fact, the best marketing relaxed and suppliers from bad to shake inaccurate production and delivery schedule can damage programs. Among other factors, the grass and advice. (2000), the production will feature the expedition, space and increased ability of suppliers and distribution channels.
Quality, cost, delivery and production process, our plant is not an easy task. A management runway operation usually clears the control element in and out of our plant is under great pressure. Unfortunately, we are interdependent on each other, as they are simple frauds, three and can make some concessions. Some changes in compensation or a single factor that is acceptable, and many dangerous approach and quality, cost and delivery makes it easier to evaluate the results of the other two factors of production and the production of an unexpected, unwanted changes can worsen the problem. If it is urgent product supply, product cost or perhaps has a negative effect on product quality. The decision quality, cost and delivery performance will deteriorate. Improve product quality and reduce production costs or similarly treated. Supplier of a new material or a new source and a plant similar to the output quality, cost, delivery, quality of entry, cost, delivery, and process quality, cost, and delivery can be evaluated testing its effect.
The same techniques Wu and Choi (2005) discusses new equipment or new forms of automated processing, used in the installation. Results and solutions to all manufacturing, quality, cost and delivery must be completed salvageable output, otherwise it will be a bad decision. Quality, cost and performance measurement framework in delivery and the principles of our Operational Management CEO of our plant can serve as a convenient list and test production manager and his or her decisions and to evaluate performance. Quality, cost and delivery mechanism responsible for OM and the final product really helps control how large scale. Production management or operation is very complicated; if not the business of running our factory is very important, shows that feature.
Delivery Management
Providers must take responsibility for their actions and distribution management. However, our plant and freight and distribution costs absorb a large part. It offers the possibility of reducing the costs of plan distribution planning, including frequency.
If you do not deliver the promised goods, can not handle the pressure of running, short, may tempt management to accelerate our activities, some important steps or procedures, serious quality problems can occur at the end of the production line of the plant. As a result, the limitations of age and the cost are spread over a commodity Don & Wisner (2003) also increases the production cost. Similar effects of OM old inventory, unreliable or supply problems through the waiting ship.
We offer a quick response to our relationship with the plant to be a powerful supplier. Otherwise, the supplier is responsible for all costs of our mill supply deficit spending and concessions extracted somehow. Studies on the nature of the transfers (Fisher 1997) show a shift of power towards the supplier led to inventory. Provider predetermined level M (moderate) increase, so every time a cargo ship at the right time, in the style of a particular product ordered. In other words, the supplier is entitled to participate in units of M, and M is expelled from the deviation. We (Fisher, 1997), the product of a more stable consumer demand, but some "serious" is they’ll ever need. In other words, under normal circumstances, our product inventory as a fixed rate that is less untakinratu, but often require low due to random requests. Others that we need here is a somewhat unpredictable component, a product is considered relatively predictable. Sudden unexpected drop the cargo area, which is an attempt to account for the sudden high demand situations. In fact, an important observation is derived from our plant database for optimal export policy; each component has a tremendous effect that different.
With a focus on cost reduction, assuming the responsibility of running our factory suppliers of goods and supplies. This change of suppliers Baumol and Vinod (1970) comes to an end by the transmission and distribution costs, is assuming an important role. To reduce the potential costs, such as the distribution channel of distribution, you must plan. In this sense, especially at this time, the average response time for a correct answer and safe provision of care and customer satisfaction to optimize.
Current Australian economy and eroding customer loyalty and satisfaction, the number of providers and high-level competitions, and entered a new and critical phase. On one hand, this requires us to our customers (Iyer and Bergen, 1997, p. 559) and a radical change in the balance between satisfying shot. Around customer prospects and aims to provide a satisfactory product: he sees an opportunity in the midst of this change, and a new focal point around quickly, and the best team to join our plant is good news. In fact, the customer experience in designing and delivering the best financial performance in the right way, it's a brand value and customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Make no mistake, however, to achieve target customer to develop and maintain harder every day is a challenging proposition. Throughout Australia, the rapid increase in consumer expectations, feelings of an increasingly complex set of interactions (Iyer and Bergen, 1997, p. 559) defined. In addition, new consumer needs and desires of people bring their own staff.
With so much change, you have to plant a deep understanding of what customers really enjoy the experience of a clear vision or ability to maintain lucky enough to be in line with their expectations. We are at a competitive price to our customers while providing a production plant expected, for example, can claim victory.
Now is the economic and cultural climate and the high performance achieved, our day to day factory customer experience our Operations Management and sales figures for the first record, the desires of our target customers and motivations surrounding reorientation granted full experience , and this is enhanced or replaced to its purchase by using the product. We are on track to achieve this level of client concentration, flexibility and customer satisfaction. To make this change, Insight, leadership and dedicated service, a difficult task for us, to be sure, but it should be.
Operations Management offers customers a satisfying experience to learn how. In addition, our distribution of Operations Management and production performance with low running costs is based on the measurement. I was in labor and production of our factory at the same time, reduce costs and increase revenue by focusing on product quality and intelligence Operations Management can believe that.
Operations Management behaviours we need to do more, to satisfy new and existing customers. Operations Management and our revenue growth and customer satisfaction and manufacturing plant will help us make great strides toward new goals. We identify the relationship at all points of customer preferences and customer satisfaction is our performance to match Operations Management. We meet with our clients to identify critical skills Operations Management to create a strong focus.
Their history, their desires, their goals: Customers who need to communicate quickly recognized. Our Operations Management, therefore, a detailed knowledge of the clients and handle customer interactions to create a map. We consider customer contacts call us, a line or a branch on the web and how to walk and run on the map. This can be difficult, our Operations Management and the entire industry, however this information to us, and thirdly, scattered throughout the factory or the customer tends to be distributed in between.
As a result, we will increase plant productivity increases and other revenue increased Operations Management behaviours, reduce costs and satisfy our customers. Do not force the customer service center and the dynamics of new customers and suppliers kotitan. But now we have to work harder to reduce costs and improve operating costs, cutting to protect the relationship with the client, they do so in the context of a relationship. I really broad, stable performance, achieving three main areas of interest as a result of the Operations Management found: client to client expectations and commitment to the client by selecting the appropriate upper and suppliers.
Food and drink beverages consumers a priority. Although a study or research to customers, and there are many different ways for us to find. Pokka during your trip or any other purpose Pokka must understand customer wants and needs to attract more customers to retailers. Therefore, it is important to identify and understand the customer's needs and desires.
Fig 6: Business process Re-engineering
Perhaps in this era of business process reengineering effort described at the time. Pipiar fame in the 1990s, the rapid growth and a relative lack of success in explaining many TQM efforts. Later, in the mid-1990s, the term downsizing Process Reengineering effort and lay - offs were involved. In this argument, the number of downsizing Process Reengineering effort as "change management" did not support the theories go from being the solution to dramatically improve
Purpose TQM, as any method of change is to improve organizational performance. TQM emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction in terms of availability, delivery, reliability, maintainability and cost effectiveness. The two approaches are not mutually exclusive, to achieve continuous improvement through ACT, through the hard struggle towards zero defects. First, the total quality system to be applied progressively to all people, has an activity of never-ending improvement.
Six Sigma aims to reduce costs by decreasing deficit reduction will lead to changes in processes. Six Sigma and Six Sigma process to improve the implementation and practical action, reduce waste, increase customer satisfaction and improve financial results for the Six Sigma method (analysis, measurement, definition, DMAIC cycle is considered on the basis of a method is a method for increasing) improve and control. Levels generally Pokka traditional business degree measuring defects in thousands of opportunities, satisfied with the results of six sigma in 1980 that the original developers, recognized as one of the leading company.
Fig 7: Lean and six-sigma
As concluding it has Operations Management levels and distribution, such as the problems of handling, such as the management of the supply chain, supply management, quality management, process MA and many of the management strategies, created by of that, raw materials, quality products, many suppliers due to production planning and customer satisfaction. Information, I say large scale suppliers of this analysis for each problem. QCD Our work falls on the shoulders of large operations or production manager. Therefore, to provide a rapid response to our relationship with the plant to be a powerful supplier. In fact, our factory will be the two common quality-related activities. Defects such as through the use of a system of quality control and quality assurance. Another commonly as the verification and system validation of quality management in the interior of the test, the innovation-related disorders is quality control. Operations Management branch of a well discussed in our production planning. In fact, as we have real-time operating systems issues such as process control systems and techniques can be used to solve many practical problems, producing a wealth. We are at a competitive price to our customers while providing a production plant expected, for example, can claim victory.

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