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Managing Director,
Bescafe Coffee
From- ABC (Market Research agency)
Subject- Research Brief
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work for your company. To understand your requirement of your problem we need some type of data about your company. Information can be categorised into following parts-
Time scale
These points are explained further-
Background- In that step we need a data about your company like information about the Bescafe Coffee like about the Company profile, History, customer, suppliers, competitors and their product like what product Bescafe sell in the market, flavour of the bescafe coffee and packaging you sell. We also need some data about the bescafe coffee.
What research carried out regarding a packaging?
Can we access that data that you have?
What information do you have about your customer and your competitors?
What different types of product and services that you provide to your customer?
Do you have any information about the Macro environmental factors that affects your current packaging of the Bescafe Coffee?
What are reasons of down fall in your market share and do you know who are your competitors?
Rationale- It means the various objective of the company in different terms.
(a) Business objective- A popular way to look at objectives is to see them as part of a hierarchy of forward-looking terms which help set and shape the strategy of a business.  That hierarchy can be summarized as follows:
Hierarchy of objectives
(b) Objective- We has included the marketing objectives and in marketing objectives we are going to define what we are going to do through marketing activities.
What were the thoughts of the people about the covering of the product?
Strategies in involved in the packaging of the product?
What were the competitors packaging styles?
What type of labels was being placed on the products?
Main customer objects of company?(Approach, 2011)
(c) Decisions about new packaging- In that we decides the packaging new colour, new design and other variable factors. At what size, colour, different style, different pack size of the product and the description of the product into the packaging of the product.
Objective- In that the objectives of the company has been explained to the marketing research agency about the market awareness, attitude of the customer about the existing product and customer preference.
Market awareness- It means that the awareness of the product in the customer mind. can customer can recognised that product in the market. Marketing strategists also agree that brand awareness of any product give the benefit to the company. Brand awareness also help the companies of set their objective to increase sales in the marketplace. A brand awareness campaign needs to be flexible enough to grow with the company and adjust if needed. (nathan, 2013)
Attitude- Customer attitude cover the attitude of the customer attitudes about the existing product including:
Overall satisfaction
Product-level satisfaction
Importance vs. satisfaction
Timeliness of delivery
Customer service process satisfaction
Returns and exchange process satisfaction
Interest in new potential products and services. (Leland, 2011)
Customer preference- it is related with the preference of the customer and according to the preference of the customer product is made for a product can make or break a company. If consumers generally like a product, the sale of a product is increase. However, if consumers do not like the product, it could disappear very quickly if the company cannot figure out how to fix the problem with of the consumer. (Apicerno, 1999).
Methodology- A method can be measured to include numerous methods, each as applied to various facet of the whole scope of the method. The investigate can be divided between two parts-
Qualitative research
Quantitative research
Qualitative research- it includes the non structural information about the client. In a qualitative research only a small number of number of non-representative are there. Respondents certain to so that they fulfil a given sample. Figures are not used in the qualitative research. For example in-depth interview, and group decision. (SOFAER, 2012)
Quantitative research- Quantitative research is about the structural data about the customer. In that large amount of respondent are present. We second-hand Questioners, telephone interview. (Hopkins, 2012)
Would you given this information to us which will be very beneficial to us for our research.
Information about data base of customer
Can we call those customers to see their attitude?
Do you have any store card of the customer can we access that information?
Would you like our new product?
Reporting- In that section it is decide that how the report has to be present whether formal report or informal report, do you need any back up or you want like USB storage or anything else in the report.
Do you need Interim presentation if yes when, where, to whom it addresses and how many members are there at meeting at the time of presentation.
Time scale- final report when we present to your company and decides the time period that in that period we decides the research process. Any mile stone you want to aware off.
Payment- we want 30% advance and balance after presenting the final report. We want all these payment in our company bank account which we provide to you. You have to pay the rest amount within 1 week after giving the final report to you.
Question 1(B).
Managing Director,
Bescafe Coffee
From- ABC (Market Research agency)
Subject- Research proposal
Thank you for giving us the information on the coffee max. Now after having an enough brief on the packaging, taste and customer data base. Now we are going to conduct a research work on the coffee Max
Methodology- A methodology can be careful to include manifold methods, each as practical to various facet of the whole scope of the method. The research can be divided between two parts-
Qualitative research
Quantitative research
Qualitative research- it is the non structural data about the customer. In that a small number of non-representative cases. Respondents selected to fulfil a given quota. Figures are not used in that. For example, in-depth interview, and group decision.
Focus groups: In this a variety of groups of customers are made which are in stroke with the bescafe company to hold out the research. By giving dissimilar topic to talk upon and to give their views and opinions. This helps in making change according to the demands of the customers.
Mystery shoppers: This is same like disguised observation with only with minor difference, in this method one member of the research team will move to the market and check the preferences of the customers as what are their likes and dislikes about the bescafe coffee brand.
Quantitative research- It include the structural records about the customer. In that large figure of respondent are present. We worn Questioners, telephone interview. (Hopkins, 2012)
Primary data – primary data are those data which is collected by the researcher company. It is a less expenses method.
Secondary data- secondary data are those data which is already by some other person and Researcher Company collects that in order from other sources like internet, newspaper and magazines.
Reporting- In that section it is decide that report has to be present in a formal way, we need a back up in the form of USB storage and 3 copy of DVD’s.
We need Interim presentation when the 40% of work is done, where at our company meeting room, Report is addresses to the MD of our company And in the meeting All the board directors of the company are present at the time of presentation.
Time scale- final report when we present to your company and decides the time period that in that period we decides the research process. Yes we want to know the mile stone you achieved.
Time scale-
Collect secondary data
2 days
Analysis secondary data
1 day
Collect Qualitative data
2 days
$ 4000
Analysis qualitative data
5 days
Interim presentation
1 day
$ 5500
Collect Quantitative data
3 days
Analysis Quantitative data
4 days
Prepare final report
3 days
Presenting final report
5 days
$ 45000
Question 2.
Answer 2(A)
Primary data is information collected by the researcher directly through instruments such as surveys, interviews, focus groups or observation. Collect according to his specific needs, primary research provides the researcher with the most accurate and up-to-date data.
Secondary data- secondary data means data already collected by other agency. In other word we can call the following hand data. It is very expensive method of gathering of data. It is the data that have been previously composed by and gladly available from other sources. Such data are cheaper and more punctually existing than the primary data and also may be obtainable when primary data cannot be obtain at all. (KARUNA, 2012)
Advantages of secondary data
1) Easy to access: There are many benefits of secondary data. It includes simply accessing the information in virtual to primary data. Secondary data is know more easy to get due to the online gathering of the data which gives more skill and ease as related to primary data as in prime data information is o be gather from starting point.
2) Acquire low cost: Secondary data acquires low cost and revenue while meeting the information because the information is available in the market and it already exists in the market as relative to primary data.
3) Research clarification: Usage of secondary data by the researchers helps them to clarify more to the situation. It is always given first preference as compared data presented at primary level. Research becomes easier as data is clearly presented before the researchers.
4) Less time consuming: Secondary data takes less time to gather information as it is already available n the market, this factor allows the researchers to do the research by not wasting the time to gather the data which helps in presenting results at time. It is one of the main advantages of using secondary data
Disadvantages of secondary data
1). Research quality: There are some disadvantages to usage of secondary data. The primary data researchers are mainly collecting the information themselves and are self-governed and on the other hand secondary data researchers use second hand data which some time provides less quality of information.
2) Not specifying needs of researchers: It does not specify the needs of the researchers as what they want. Sometimes data provide does not meet the requirement of the users as relative to primary data.
3) Incomplete information: Sometimes the information that is provided is not complete and upgraded. Researchers do not get the proper version of the data and information to gain the full value of the study. Some also charge more many for less information and also incomplete information.
4) No timely: Secondary research sometimes is not timely as the data which is used is taken from the past times so one must do research with proper care and caution. Data s collected from the past situations.
Question 2(b). Market intelligence-this is the information related to a company’s market, gathered and analyze specifically for the principle of true and confident decision-making in decisive market chance, market penetration policy, and market expansion metrics.
It is also related to skills, process, technology, application and practice used to support decision making. It includes meeting of data from the company’s external environment, whereas the Business intelligence process mainly is based on internal environment of the company – like sales, and purchases. (Market_intelligence, 2010)
Market Analysis- Market is analysis in 3 parts and they are-
Market opportunity- it means that where is the chance to enter into the market and sell their product. It is the chance to firstly enter into the market and capture that share of the market by creating the new require in the customer mind. Like providing some types of new product. A potentially favorable condition in which a business can capitalize on a changing trend or an increasing demand for a product by a demographic group that has yet to be standard by its competitors. For a market opportunity to exist, a company must be able to identify who its potential customers are, the exact needs that need to be met, the size of the market, and its capability to detain market share. (market_opportunity.html, 2013)
Market penetration- It means the amount of sales or acceptance can be a character company's sale or industry while the intellectual market can be the total persons or an estimate of total probable customers for the product. A determine of the amount of sales or adoption of a product or service compare to the total supposed market for that manufactured goods or service. The quantity of sale or approval can be an person company's sale or industry while the academic market can be the total populace or an estimate of total possible customers for the produce. (amlelton, 2011)
Market development- A process for first sales - new business and new market
This process is effective for promising all types of industry, and deliver business expansion via:
New goods or services to existing customers,
active goods or services to new customers, or
New products or services to new customers.
Macro environment stands
P- Political factors
E- Economic factors
S- Social factors
T- Technological factors
E- Environmental factors
L- Legal factors
Micro environment stands for the factors that we have a control over the business. Like supplier, purchaser, consumer, retailers etc.
Question 2(C). The general principles of data protection should be considered when collecting a database. There are 8 principals of data protection and these are explained later.
1. Processed fairly and lawfully- procedures while carrying out the buyer file. The processes should be done lawfully and fairly without breaking the rules and regulation.
2. Obtained for specified and lawful purposes- that the appropriate technical and organisational steps should be taken against the unofficial and illegal processing of the data and the chance or any type of damage and destruction to the data of the customers.
3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive- The data of the customer should be correct and adequate. The data should also be related and have some meaning. Also the data should not be too much as what is necessary and you are provided that more than that.
4. Accurate and up to date- The fourth principle relates to the up go up and rightness of the data. The data is collected
5. Not kept any longer than necessary- the data that is collected from the clients should not be kept longer than essential for any purposes or other purposes. It have to be save in the proper method with some passwords.
6. Processed in accordance with the "information subject’s" (the individual’s) rights.
7. Securely kept- the data that is process should be process in the agreement of the data protection act with correct amendment and changes. It is also processed agreement with the rights of the act and also the duties.
8. Not transferred to any other country without adequate protection.
Question 3(A)
Answer 3(A)
Discussion Moderator
From- ABC (Market Research agency)
Subject- Group decision
We are the marketing research agency we Invite people for group decision about the bescafe coffee
In the Discussion guide we discuss the following issues-
Introduction phase
Discussion phase (Part 1)
Discussion phase (Part 2)
Wrap up session
Introduction phase (25 min.)- In the introduction phase these points are discussed.
Welcome- In that step moderator will welcome the member of the group and give him his brief introduction of himself and the company.
Housekeeping- In that phase moderator tell about the health and safety of the people, surroundings of the company, measures against the health and safety, restroom for the people, and location of the restroom.
Purpose- In the purpose of the introduction phase discusses these points.
Market awareness- the awareness of the bescafe coffee max brand in the market can people can aware about that brand.
Attitudes- In that attitude of people among existing brand of the bescafe coffee.
Customer preference- knows the preference of the customer.
Time- Moderator informs the group member about the how long the group decision will be carried on. For example
Introduction phase- It takes about 25 min. for the introduction phase of the bescafe coffee.
Discussion phase (Part 1)- It takes about 1 hour for the introduction phase of the bescafe coffee in that people discuss the current awareness and perception of the bescafe brand.
Discussion phase (Part 2)- It takes about 1 hour approximatelyfor discuss the part 2 of that phase. In that phase people discuss the new design of the bescafe coffee.
Wrap up session- It takes about 30 min. for the conclusion part.
Recording- Moderator informs the group member that their view point or discussion will be recorded in the various devices like camera, video recording or any other method. These recordings are kept confidential and used for the research purpose for the bescafe coffee.
Warm up- In that step group member introduced themselves to the group and moderator.
Question- Moderator will ask the group member that if they have any question up to that point they will ask.
Discussion phase (part 1) (1 hour) -In that discussion phase group member discuss the current awareness and perception of the group member towards the Bescafe coffee max brand. Can group member know the bescafe coffee brand. For example –
Name any 6 coffee brand names that come in your mind?
How popular is your bescafe coffee max brand they (group member) know about that or not?
Have you ever heard the bescafe coffee max brand if yes when and where you hear that one, do you ever tried that brand coffee in your life?
Do you know the colour and packaging of the max brand coffee pack?
What do you feel about the bescafe coffee max brand as a whole brand?
Discussion phase (part 2) (1 hour) –In that discussion phase the group member of the group discuss the 3 new design of the bescafe coffee max brand and give their opinion about the each design and ask about some questions like
Show the 3 new packaging design of the bescafe coffee max brand to the group member and ask about what do you notice in a packaging of that product like its colour, information and usability?
Ask about their opinion about these designs and which one of them they like the most and why do they like that design?
What steps are you taken to make a product packaging different form their competitors in the packaging style?
What are your expectation from the bescafe coffee max brand?
Wrap up session (30 min) – firstly, moderators will give thanks to the each group member that participates in that group. Then moderator give gifts to the each group member like coffee jar, any discount coupons and any other thing. Last moderator once again assure that the data or information that you group member discuss here will not be provide to any other party it can be used only by the bescafe coffee and at last, moderator ask the group member do you have any question regarding anything.
Answer 3(B)
Projective Techniques are indirect and unstructured methods of investigation which have been developed by the psychologists and use projection of respondents for inferring about underline motives, urges or intentions which cannot be secure through direct questioning as the respondent either resist to reveal them or is unable to figure out him. These techniques are useful in mean respondent’s opportunities to express their attitudes without personal embarrassment. These techniques help the respondents to project his own attitude and feelings unconsciously on the subject under study. Thus Projective Techniques play an important role in motivational researches or in attitude surveys.
Disadvantages of Projective Techniques
Highly trained interviewers and skilled interpreters are needed.
Interpreter’s bias can be there.
It is a costly method.
The respondent selected may not be representative of the entire population.
Important Projective Techniques
Word Association Test.
Completion Test.
Construction Techniques
Expression Techniques
Brand Mapping
Brand mapping can be defined as a technique used to compare two or more brands and to distinguish between there features, contents, etc. It is a research driven approach to improve and authorize product name. It measures the performance of the brands in regard to the other brands at the marketplace and can see the issues and opportunities.
We are using this method in the bescafe company also. This method is very helpful to differentiate the bescafe coffee goods with other brands and to differentiate its features from others. This method helps the bescafe coffee brand to make some changes which helps the bescafe to do more efforts on the packaging styles of the company from which they can attract more customers.
This is another technique in the market research. In this technique incomplete sentences or a type of fill in the blanks is presented before the customers for example questions like
They like this brand because…………………..
Liking to the particular packaging style because………………….
You have attraction towards to that product design due to its…………………….
You like other brands because……………….
This technique helps the bescafe coffee brand as they come to know about the customers tastes and preferences and also the reasons why the customers like the product and packaging styles of the products. This is a creative task; the completion will reflect their attitude and state of mind. (/projective_techniques.html., 2008)
Question 4
Answer 4(A)
Managing Director,
Bescafe Coffee
From- ABC (Market Research agency)
Subject- Difference between Panel research and Qualitative research
Panel research-A general term used to describe a pre-selected group of homogeneous people used more than once over a period of time to collect information.
It is related to the longitudinal studies which mean longer period of time.
In the panel investigate the figure of member is 2 in a group and cannot be change, it remains constant all through the study.
Panel research record the buying trends and brand preference over a period of time.
Qualitative research - It is a method of investigation employed in much different academic discipline, usually in the social sciences, but also in market research and further contexts. Qualitative researchers aim to collect an in-depth understanding of human nature. Its main features are –
The results are quantify in nature
It is easy to study so that they find the changes in the trends and frequency over a period of time.
It is descriptive in nature.
In that the number of person involved in that varies from 6 to 9.
It takes into account the attitude, opinion, and belief of the customer.
It is cost effective in terms of money.
Answer 4(B)
Benefits of recruiting and developing a panel of coffee drinkers for the research purpose
Reliable results
During studies new things are added which is not possible during group decision.
Testing time is there before the submission of the final report.
Easy to analysis.
New things are add.
More clear.
Record buying trend.
Challenges of recruiting and developing a panel of coffee drinkers for the research purpose-
It is very hard to maintain the interest of the member.
It is hard to maintain the backup of data in case of member leaving the group.
Huge cost involved in that.
Biased results can be there, since the starting of the study conducts some member cannot contrite on the topic.
It takes a very long time to conclusion.
Data access can get obsolete being time of period.
Question 5.
Answer 5. First we have to understand the meaning of Audience. Audience stands for
A – Analysis it includes the who is the client, what is their problem, how they work
U- Understanding is includes the needs of the client what he wants from the agency.
D – Demographics it includes the name, age, gender and other information about the clients to whom we have to target. So that understands the demographics is important.
I- Interest in that solution of the problem how to solve the problem of the client by the researcher.
E- Environment it includes the organization environment (internal & external). How they work, atmosphere in the organization.
N- Needs problem of the audience is needed to be solved in that by the marketing agency.
C- Customer in those specific needs of the customer is decided.
E- Expectations what are the expectations of the clients regarding a problem solving by the researcher.
Report- while presenting a report to the bescafe coffee we include the following points in the report-
1. Introduction
Aims and Objectives
Background to the project
2. Investigative work and information gathering
Understanding and analysing the project requirements
Information Gathering
Understanding key concepts
What is a database?
Advantages of using database
Disadvantages of using databases
3. Proposed approach (Methodology)
Identify project requirements phase
Analyse requirements and planning phase
Design phase
Implementation phase
4. Discussion and evaluation
5. Identified problems
6. Proposed System Overview
Database structure
7. Conclusion
8. References
Detail information: The report presented to the audience after the presentation should be in detail .It should cover all the aspects of the presentation. The report should be made in a sense that the information that is needed by the audience should be provided instead of any irrelevant stuff.
Possible solutions: The report should provide all the possible solutions for the audience and it should highlight the solutions in a good manner.
Taking care of executive summary: The report should be done by taking care of the executive summary in the presentation. There is need to focus on the executive summary carefully as the top management should not have enough time to do all things so this thing is must while giving the report.
Use of tables and graphs: The report should be easy to understand so tables and graph charts should be used which makes the audience more understandable.

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