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Published: 2021-08-13 16:55:07
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A very Good morning to our respected lecture and my fellow friend, in this wonderful morning I would like to share a quote which is "There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be and you accept it, or you kill yourself or you stop looking in mirror." tell by Tennessee Williams. Does anyone of here can tell me what this quotation is about? Is anyone whispering that this quotation is about suicide? Here we are the topic I would like to share with you all is about suicide.
Ladies and gentlemen’s,
You just imagine you are standing at top of a building, you taking a deep breath and say a last silent goodbye to your beloved one and you leap your death. Can we solve a temporary problem by taking a permanent solution? The answer absolutely NO! Then why the suicide issue is making our society worried about it. First of all I want we all must understand or diagnose what is suicide? Suicide is a process that an individual will end his or her life purposely ending their life. Furthermore suicide also defines as it is a voluntary and intentional taking of their own life. In addition, suicide also an issue which becoming an epidemic among Asia countries this was stated by World Health Organization. According to the International Conference on Humanities, Society and Culture on year 2011 has reported that suicide has became the third leading cause of death among youth aged 10-24 in the United States, approximately 4559 cases in year 2004. Furthermore the loss of the young who are still in stage of growing and learning about their life and not yet fully emerge their adulthood is a phenomenon which is becoming a heart breaking issue.
You might think that your own problems can be solved by suicide but have you thought of your beloved ones? All of us gathered here to know why suicide happens among youngsters these days? What are the causes contributes to suicide? There are a lot of possible factors that lead youngster to suicide such as too little of religion, too much of television and too little communication between parents and children, absent of parents too much sexual freedom, widespread of drugs and alcohol, not enough love and a world that seems hostile has also been blamed for pushing young people to their death. All these causes probably push the youngsters to the edge of suicide. At the same time there also some main factors that contribute now day’s suicide among youngsters such as family issues. Families are related to face a lot of changes as result of social change. The society nowadays is getting rapidly competitive, fast paced, full of uncertainly, increasing in change, insecurity and risk taking. Most of families are dual income family and parents are busy with work. Hence children are pretty sure left at home for their own. According to the International Conference on Humanities Society Culture IPEDR Volume 21 on 2011 has stated that seventy one or around 50%of female states that family issues is a one of main possible for suicide. Furthermore only fifty four or around 42.5 % of male stated that family issue as a possible cause for suicide. When it’s come to ethnicity thirty four out 61 of Malay participant which is 55.7% reported that family is the main issue for suicide but the suicide percentage among Chinese and Indian ethnic is lower.
Ladies and gentlemen’s,
Next factor that contribute to youth suicide is boy girl relationship or loneliness. According to the International Conference on Humanities Society Culture IPEDR Volume 21 on year 2011 that males are likely to attribute the reason of suicide is all about the relationship between girls and boys. For the sources of suicide that the participant identify as possible factor in youth suicide is boy girl relationship were among the highest ranked, especially for males. These findings have interconnected with Durkheim’s suicide theory which depicted those males as always more vulnerable and their risk of suicide is very high compare to female. These findings seem to confirm Durkheim’s postulation as the males are more emotionally vulnerable, as most of them cited that a broken relationship between girl and boy relationship as the main reason for suicide these days. Furthermore gender difference in suicidal issues are also identified by other researcher that "women’s are more socialized tend to use suicide as ‘seek for help’ compare to men". This can explain us that the male more reluctance to share their personal problems and at last they end up with emotional disturbances. Instead, they option for serious suicide action. When they broken up with their beloved and they feel very lonely. Lonely people are among the highest risk for suicide. This situation happens because the loneliness the feeling of being isolated by friends, parents and beloved one make them feel isolated and they attempt to suicide to escape from this felling.
Third will be stress from schoolwork and environment make the young’s nowadays can make them to suicide. This statement has been supported by the literature that education is very important and valued by Chinese families and this was tracked back from Chinese belief which is Confucian. These beliefs have been followed by the Chinese and Malaysian Chinese families not exception from this belief. When their parents want them to study and perform well in their academic so they will be sending here and there for extra classes. Children from that kind of family they don’t want to disappointed their parents by getting lower performs and this is based on the concept of filial piety. This explains why most of Chinese young’s commit suicide.
Last but not least the last main factor that causes suicide among youths is peer pressure which most common in schools which named as bully. In this situation the person who becomes victim to bully normally physically weak, mental disturbed and they don’t know how to handle it and the stress became anxiety and its turn to depression. This depression makes them to suicide. The bully victim suicide because their self esteem very low they cannot handle the problem with confident. In addition they also not dare to share their fear and problem to others and this make their problem more conflict and at last they end up with suicide.
Ladies and gentlemen’s
The next branch in suicide is about the myths on suicide. Here we go to know about it I will tell one by one so that we will understand what is going on suicide issue. These are some the myths on suicide such as people talk about suicide will not commit suicide, all the suicidal people want to die. Third is all the suicidal is mentally ill, suicide is inherited, once a person is suicidal he or she is suicidal forever if you ask someone if he or she wants to commit suicide you might give him or her the idea so avoid any such direct questioning. Last but not least suicide occurs exclusively among poor and rich people. Did you all understand what these myths on suicide issue and we won’t believe upon it and being careless about this suicide issue. In other hand, there also facts on suicide which I will be list down in few seconds. First of all people who talk about suicide frequently attempt and commit suicide. Second is about asking people about suicidal intentions will not make them to suicide. Forth is suicide very random happen without any warnings. Fifth is once an individual is suicidal he or she is not necessary to be suicidal forever. Sixth is suicidal not inherited. Seventh is all the suicidal people is mentally ill. Last but not least suicidal can occur in both socioeconomic classes which is upper and lower class people.
There are many behavioral indicators that can help parents or friends recognize that threat of suicide in a loved one. Since mental and substances related disorder so frequently accompany suicidal behavior, many of the cues to be looked for those symptoms associated with such disorder as depression, bipolar disorder namely manic depression, anxiety disorder, alcohol and drug use disruptive behavior disorder, borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia. So these shows that not only some common warnings or symptoms such as extreme personality changes, loss of interest in activity that used to be enjoyable by the individual who going to attempt or commit suicide. Furthermore the person who going to suicide also will came out with this kind of symptoms such as significant in loss or gain in appetite, difficulty in falling or wanted to sleep whole day, feeling fatigue or loss of energy, feeling of worthless or guilt, withdrawal from own family or friends, neglect of personal appearance or being hygiene and the hallucination or unusual belief will be appearing in their daily behavior. There are two type symptoms that I have share with you all, so you all can identify if any of your friends or beloved one with this kind of symptoms please be aware and make sure you keep an eye on their action.
Ladies and gentlemen’s,
There always a path way to prevent everything which happening or going beyond our control same goes to our youth suicidal issue which now becoming worried issue among Malaysian. According to the International Conference on Humanities Society Culture IPEDR Volume 20 on year 2011 reported that young people want to feel that they are not able to have control but they wanted to be in control. This statement can show us that the way they express their life is determine by self not by other. This statement which gives rise to what Durkheim described as anomic suicide which arises from a state of dissatisfaction due to external stress. So young’s must have high self esteem to control and overcome the external stress which can lead to youth suicidal issue. In additional we also must understand that if there is a will there will be a way which means how we can help the individual who commit or attempt to suicide such as when you get to know that your friend or family member is coming out with some symptoms its better if you communicate with them openly and frequently to avoid the feeling of isolated and loneliness which can lead to suicide. Furthermore don’t ignore the statement that giving by them when you communicate with them such as "you will be sorry when I’m death, I can’t see you any way out" must be careful cause these are the most commonly word used by an individual before commit or attempt to suicide. In other hand there are plenty of solutions to prevent this suicidal issue. First solution is we can bring them to the counseling session which really they can’t manage their stress and that can lead them to suicide if its, interconnect with any of mental illness it’s better to consult a psychtrist. Next solution is this steps should been done by the parents or caregivers which is they should instill the value of self appreciation by sending them to religious classes. This is because when sending youths to this classes they will explain what is life is about and how precious is this life according to the religious belief. Third solution will be the parents love. Parents also must understand that a child does not only need money at the same time they need care, love and attention especially when a child reaching the stage of youth, this is because most of suicidal cases is normally comes from family issues. Fourth solution must be taken by our government as such conduct an effective seminar or campaign about suicide. So the public can know the legal issue of law toward suicide such as what are the punishments that can be given or taken by government towards the individual who wanted to end their life voluntary. When we sum up all the solution above it can categorized to three parts such as speak up if you worried, respond quickly in crisis and offer help and support. At the same time, parents and government is playing a significant in preventing suicidal issue among youths.
Ladies and gentlemen’s
Before I end my speech about the suicidal issue among youth I like to sum up all the branches that I have discussed about suicide by this I believe that you all can get clear picture about what is suicide, why suicide occurs highly among youths, what are the symptoms that we can know that the individual going to commit or attempt to suicide, about the myth and fact on suicide, the prevention and solution about suicide. This is a poem about suicide which written by Lizzie Resendiz
No one understands
No one cares
Just end it tonight
So no more pain can come your way
make the world happy
you know you want to
You know it’s the only way out!!
This is poems shows that how much the suicide have been influences an individual until make him to write a poem about suicide. Furthermore suicide also now becoming as a major problem in society as a good and responsible citizen we should get the hands together and make a revolution about this suicidal issue. In other hand we should understand that by introducing new method or knowing the cause of suicide we can’t lesser the number of suicides but the own understanding and the awareness of each individual only can make the changes and lesser the number of suicide. We should understand one think that these lives we gain for a reason so that whatever trouble or hard time go thru it goes its own reason so that you just go thru. We should not take a permanent decision for temporary problems which we going thru that moment. This life is given by God and parents we don’t have any rights to take it named as suicide. The person who can struggle in that hard time is consider as human and they people who just commit to suicide consider as coward or in other escape from problem not dare to face the problem. In addition this suicidal problem also can give a lot of problem to our society from various dimensions. There are as I have said there are no easy answers to the issue and challenge of suicide, but that is no damn reason for not finding the answer about preventing the issue of suicide. We have to keep on trying to do everything that we can do to prevent it completely. We have to work harder towards this matter because suicide is becoming like vector which can spread virus step by step and killed. So by getting together we can solve this problem or issue.
Thank you for this opportunity and for your precious time! Thank you so much, have nice day!
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