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Published: 2021-07-29 14:55:06
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Software Quality is the entirety of description and characteristics of an artefact or service that stand on its capability to assure positive or implied requirements (Akingbehin 2005). Quality can establish a software product’s achievement or failure in competitive economic market.
There are two major sites when considering the meaning and definition of software quality (Hoyer 2003):
Conformance to specification: Quality that is classified as a subject of products and services whose evaluation features satisfy a fixed specification.
Meeting customer needs: Quality that is defined independent of any assessable features. That is, quality is identified as the products or services potential to satisfy customer expectations.
Characteristics of Software Quality (Pressman 2010)
According to Pressman, Hewlett-Packard came up with a set of attributes of software results by which its excellence is expressed and evaluated, they have been given the acronym FURPS (Functionality, usability, reliability, performance and supportability);
Functionality – is measured by evaluating specific properties that satisfy stated needs.
Usability – is measured by effort needed for use (learnability), and on the individual assessment of such use by a stated or implied set of users for example; consistency and overall aesthetics. A system does not have usability characteristics if the system does not function perfectly
Reliability – is assessed by measuring the frequency and severity of failure, the correctness of produced results, the mean-time-to-failure, the ability to pick up from crash (recoverability), and the predictability of the system.
Performance – is evaluated by considering processing speed, respond time the quantity of resources used, throughput and effectiveness.
Supportability – involves extensibility, adaptability, serviceability, testability, compatibility and configurability.
Causes of Software Poor Quality
Lack of domain knowledge:
Lack of domain knowledge is a contributing fact to poor software quality; the majority of developers are not specialists in the business area served by their applications, e.g. telecommunication area, banking, supply chain and retail.
To moderate this cause is that experts from the business, should train developers in the business areas, and carry out peer reviews with individuals holding more domain experience.
Lack of technology knowledge:
Most developers are expert in quite a few computer languages and technologies. However, modern multi-tier business applications cover many computer languages and various software platforms.
This can be mitigated by cross-training developers in various application technologies, carry out peer reviews with developers from other application tiers and carry out static and dynamic analyses of the code.
Unrealistic schedules:
If developers are forced to sacrifice sound software development exercises to unreasonable schedules the results are hardly ever good.
When operating at fast pace, pressured developers make more mistakes and have no time to locate them. A means to mitigate these is by imposing strong project management practices; Managing commitments by planning, tracking progress to identify issues, and managing continual requirements changes.
Badly engineered software:
Most software improvement action involves varying or enhancing existing code. Half of the duration exhausted modifying existing software is spent trying to figure out what is going on in the code.
Unreasonably complex code is often unsolvable and modifying it ends with frequent mistakes and unforeseen negative side effects. The recently introduced defects cause costly re-work and delayed releases. The most excellent way of mitigating this cause is to re-factor vital segments of the code directed by items from architectural and static code analyses.
Poor acquisition practices:
Most large multi-tier applications are developed and taken care by distributed teams, some or of whom might be outsourced from other companies. As a result, the acquire organization often has less visibility into or managing over the quality of the software they are receiving.
For a range of reasons, CMMI levels have not always assured high quality software release. To mitigate the risks of quality issues in externally supplied software, acquiring managers should employ quality targets in their contracts and a strong quality guarantee gate for delivered software.
Upgrades in technology are continually increasing the demand of software that is well-built, more robust and more consistent over ever-widening series of application. The demands on software management are rising correspondingly. Software developers, managers and technical staff are frequently confronted with new technologies and its challenges, more competitive markets, increased competition for knowledgeable personnel and demands for faster receptiveness. They carry on to be worried about open-ended requirements, unmanaged changes, inadequate testing, insufficient training, subjective schedules, insufficient funds and standards related issues, product consistency, and product suitability.
Software measurement alone cannot work out these problems, but it can make clear and focus your understanding of them. When done appropriately, sequential measurements of quality features of products and processes can offer an efficient foundation for initiating and controlling process development activities. Measurement is the practice by which numbers and symbols are established to characteristics of objects in the real world, this permits us to identify such objects according to identified rules. With software development, measurements are carry out by using metrics, metrics are experimental designations of a value to an object aiming to class a specific quality of this object.
Benefits of Software Measurement
Locates opportunities for upgrading
Improves communication
Encourages proper behaviour
Communicates workloads
Leverage resources
Enhance profit on IT investments
Decrease cost
Control workloads
Decrease overtime
Boosts requirements process

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