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Published: 2021-08-14 23:30:05
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1: site A (Old Colliery ) it’s a disused site due to the wards acute and depravation, it requires considerable sterilisation of the premises and clean up the site before making any moves which will cost extra found to be invest out of the initial budget and also the site was used as a dump chemical site, transportation fluidity is extremely poor in this location when coming from Western District zone going toward the Eastern site of the district, and also the image of the site is likely to be seen as low restrict living environment and if considering the scarcity of green space in this locality where people are not willing to be living in this low class environment where suitable housing accommodation are nowhere to be found. Now when highlighting the dump chemical on this site, if taking an example of Fukushima in the recent year nuclear accident, when focusing on the radio activity, we could easily underpin that radioactivity diminishes in time, but might also depends on the kind of waste if taking this statement with consideration alongside with the NHS Trust Hospital that has to be built in this site will seem to be a none appropriate site where an health care should operate. Now going back in the time when taking this scenario of us compare to Landfills issue (Source: love to know) we could come across two distinct major issues about the dump chemical waste concerning the environment and these are the atmospheric effects and hydrological effects. Where most often the household cleaning chemicals thrown by the surrounding people on the site, along with the residue from these old industrial factories at Old Colliery zone get accumulate and mix over the time, the mixture of chemicals like bleach from the surrounding household of the site produce toxic gases that can significantly impact the quality of air. A more immediate concern is for the welfare of wildlife that comes in contact with these chemicals. In conclusion we could tell that the environmental issues at Old Colliery is not the appropriate place on where to build an NHS Hospital will be held, the other factor regarding the environment is that this site lacks of green space where the availability of green space is easy to be found on Dams Nature Reserve District.
2: Site B (Dams Nature Reserve) has much opportunities as it is described in the report compare to the others site due to the fact that it gives way to the nearest railway station, bus services are available to be used on the site and can lead you travel from the Middle district site toward the Western site of the district, where the people around the site are well intellectual and professional which mushes the requirements of NHS entry career’s portfolio. However the emplacement of Dams Nature Reserve meets the construction requirement, where the aim is to build a hospital in the Mid Southern District side which comes closer to this district along with the golf park, viewed as an attractive activity and could draw the attention of people in the site. All the more it’s a well prestige site compared to the others districts. It will attract more visitors on the site for those coming to pay for the health service if the NHS is built on this site or any other activities around the site that could attract investor, these could be the non-clinical support services such as catering, cleaning, laundry and pottering, all of these could be run with less educating people from the other district that will come working at Dams Nature Reserve, where return revenue can boost the economical density in the area. History revealed that in the 1900s Great Britain also allowed workers from foreign places to come due to the fact that Britain was short of labour force and this encourage economic growth for the country which could also be the case for Dams Nature Reserve to call up for the less skilled population in the others District. Now with the existence of green space around the hospital shore will be viewed as a positive mind set for the environment, because green spaces provide habitat for a wide range of birds, fish, animals, insects and other organisms, it also make avoiding soil erosion and absorbing the rain water, it enables recreational use, somewhere people could come and play, its allow people meditating in their internal aspect of life and also seemed to be a resting place. Green space provides a sense of social location by reinforcing the feeling of relationship and family solidarity. In every walk of life, green space draws people out of their living place and promotes social interaction. Studies have revealed that the residents in the vicinity of common green spaces had more social activities and more visitors (bodine street garden). Exhibition in green space reduces stress and increases a sense of well-being and belonging, as the buses pollute the air, where the use of green space is shown to absorb pollution from cars driven miles away per day, it has also been shown to reduce the urban heat island effect, directly by shading heat absorbent surfaces, and indirectly through cooling evapotranspiration. It also helps reduce noise, by shields dense in trees and bushes and may even clean up partially treated waste water. Finally, a green area is an indicator of overall ecological health of the ecosystem. It comes to a significant step in assessing the ecological viability in the community of Dams Nature Reserve, which is found to be the most prosperous parts of all districts.
3: when taking into account the profile of district C (Derelict Woolen Mill Complex ), we come to understand that the district also have good attribute on which its well considerable place to live on. It location gives access to motorway and buses ride from Middle Woollen town, but as we are recommended to build an hospital that will best serve demands for people, especially in the Mid Southern District, where enough space for car park would not really be possible to build in Derelict Woolen Mill Complex.
Another problem also mentioned in the case study comes to be the traffic issue, when considering transportation connexion from the hospital to be and the link between the Derelict Woolen Mill Complex districts itself it will demand to build additional road, for the good functioning of the traffic within the district and its boundaries in order to increase the traffic in this area which will cost up to a quarter of any budget as its mentioned on the district profile while we are trying to focus on the NHS Trust Hospital budget rather than having extra found to be raised in the contract . We could extremely say that its necessary to have much more roads to easily transfer people from one place to the others in case of emergency situation, while district B is more reliable and profitable for cars owners, public transport and others transportation facilities to move around compare to the rest of the districts . Now as every organisation or business fields we all aim to gain a positive return profit to satisfy our needs along with to meet the patients and visitors needs and requirement, however, there is not a competitive advantage opportunity of the economy in this area due to the fact that people are going jobless and also the others aspect is the fact Derelict Woolen Mill Complex District is also seen as a depravation site.
Justification and suggestion:
When reading article about the three sites Old Colliery, Dams Nature Reserve and Derelict Woolen Mill Complex, we’ve understand that Old Colliery District in the past was use as a dumping site for chemical experiences where taking into account the radio activities in this area will not be suitable to establish an NHS Trust Hospital due to the fact of the air pollution and also the image of the site when it cannot attract investor to come establish themselves in this particular area of the district, moving on Derelict Woolen Mill Complex we deliberately see that the site has access to public transport with others good aspect but because its also hold the similar attribute of Old Colliery District when it comes to depravation and also because if having the NHS hospital in this locality it will be difficult for visitors to have access to car park. However, when analysing Dams Nature Reserve we came to conclude that it’s the suitable site on which we should invest on. our choice in that particular site comes when comparing the three districts and their overall overview Dams Nature Reserve met the requirement needed to build the NHS Hospital on due to the fact that it has access to public transport and having a green space in itself which is highly important as a place where having a business activities and hospital around, Dams Nature Reserve District also leads you travel from the Middle district toward the Western district, where the NHS Trust Hospital is proposed to be in this particular map of the District
SWOT & PEST Analyses
Strength: the strength of Dams Nature Reserve is that, its hold a green space environment as a park recreation for people to be coming and have a fresh moment of rest, while the district itself is the most prosperous site compare the rest of them, it has access to public transport and the reputation of the district comes with intellectual and professional people as with a good living environment compared to Derelict Woolen Mill Complex.
Weakness: thinking of the weakness of Dams Nature Reserve comes with the Specialist Scientific Interest and the absence of water and also the wildlife activist.
Opportunity: the opportunity of building the NHS Trust Hospital will again come to reinforce the economical aspect of the district itself and also permit the workforce from the others district to get themselves a job opportunity, while the Hospital itself will also meets the demand for the local and surrounding population.
Threats: in this scenario we could see the threats as the wildlife group and environmental opposition to come into an accord on how to cope with this issue in order to establish the NHS Hospital in the District.
In the political aspect of this task we understand that Hilary Thompson ought to push forward the coming of this NHS Hospital in order to raise her profile due to the coming of the next election. It could have been important for her to use her statue as a member of the parliament to help solve the issue with the activist by having an accord with Dams Nature Reserve District in order to establish the NHS which will at first place reinforce the health service in her district and also promote job for her local community by having some percentage of workforce labour.
The economic factors is seen to be a professional place to live on where private hospital have already establish themselves and if focus on the return revenue, after solving the conflict between wild activist and others joint group will certainty comes to be a positive choice in regard of investment as it is also demonstrated by a bank representative concerning this site.
Lifestyle factors such as wild activists and the opposed citizen that are not willing to let PFI financing the Hospital project.
Looking at the technological aspect the people living at Dams Nature Reserve are highly professional and can fluently work in the hospital including the technological aspect with in it
Having the Hospital built in Dams Nature Reserve will come to be an ideal place due to the fact that it fits the ecological view of the people and the site never been used as dump chemical experience, along with its green space for the wellbeing of people around life style view is mentioned to be a professional place to live on
On the legal aspect of the premises we have been told of the green space is seen as a zoologist restrict area where people are not really ready to let it use
Source: love to know
bodine street garden:
Part B
Our group had decide to be making the use of bounded decision making due to the fact that among these three site in the county the opportunity of building the NHS Trust Hospital were ambiguous found to be, we were limited in the way where all our source of information come from the assignment itself and were not that source on which we could use to dig more information at. Nether the less, going thru the different aspect of the district itself, though some of us suggested to have to Hospital built at elsewhere on site ( c), but when all have once again gathered to come up with each and every one came with a draft of a hard copy relating to the assignment, at first stage because the two group as we were opposed on the decision making, therefore we, highlighted the fundamental attribute of the distric and what needed to be done on the site if the hospital was to be built there
Pro & Cons of B
The first 3 of us came with the information from the assignment about Hilary Thompson, the MP of the Western site of the district is showing commitment to have the hospital establish on her site, and is willing to fight to have it done due to the election which is ahead to come, and knowing that the new baby born are suffering from the respiratory and health problem it it could have been best to have the fragile baby born in a place where with less pollution with a fresh CO2.where the children will be taking in charge until they reach an age where their life style will no longer be a problem, and if the site were to be built on C it could have been some d=time difficult for the people to have access to the hospital and also considering the fact of the baby that will be living on site c will still suffer from the health issue where to will be in a good environments having all the treatments
Pro & Cos on C
The other 3 in our group came with the opinion of having the NHS on site c because it will help improve the life hood of the population in the district C knowing in advance that it’s a place where the economy seems to prevail with low skilled worker along with low wage therefore if having the hospital in the district c will help improve the economy level on the site and also improve the lifestyle of the people the area and also it will not be a wrong idea of building a car park to host the cars and ambulance for the hospital has it could also been used to raise some found by paying before parking on the site
Satisficing alternatives & Evaluation
After each of the group has showed what it holds as strategic aspect on the sites we start by evaluating the Pro & Cons of the sites we agree that green space is important in the aspect that it reduces pollution and produce better oxygen which could be an advantage for the people and also if including the babies to be born it will be the ideal [lace of reducing health problem. On the other hand having the NHS on district C will be an advantage possibility due to the fact that having locate the hospital in this locality will help improve the economy of the district and if taking into account the life of those people by running an alternative activity (non-clinical support) such as cleaning, laundering etc. will be an ideal place o which the people of this area could fit.
Selection of preferable alternatives
After the evaluation about the site we at first place agreed that site A wasn’t a suitable place on which we could invest on due the chemical dump that the site was used for, we have now listed all the criteria needed to have our hospital on. In croissant order we were looking on which of the two site could we find a clean land along with and spacious on which an hospital could be build, we also agree to spend less on construction and been focus on the hospital itself and to conclude we agreed to invest where the economical factor of the place is not a compromising site. However, when analysing the entire site we definitely agreed that Dams Nature Reserve is the suitable site on which we should invest on. our choice in that particular site comes when comparing the three districts and their overall overview Dams Nature Reserve met the requirement needed to build the NHS Hospital on due to the fact that it has access to public transport and having a green space in itself which is highly important as a place where having a business activities and hospital around, Dams Nature Reserve District also leads you travel from the Middle district toward the Western district, where the NHS Trust Hospital is proposed to be in this particular map of the District
Among the 3 which site is suitable
Why is it the best place ( Legal, Ethical, Economy)
How long does it going to take to build the hospital
Assumptions of the Rational Model
Assumptions built into the way a problem is identified, not just at level of analysis thereafter
Different weights are assigned to different factors
Based on decision maker’s own values and preferences
Rational decision making model makes assumptions about decision making:
Problem clarity
Knowledge of options
Clarity and consistency of preferences
Efficiency of solution
Time/cost constraints

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