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Published: 2021-06-25 00:20:05
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We have always been fascinated by the design and the processes of the natural ecosystem. There is always some amount of change which is occurring every second. From 18th century onwards the history of the world is well documented, and within these 200 years itself we have witnessed a lot of changes, whether it be in terms of physiology or in terms of behaviour. This is not only with respect to the human mankind but with respect to the whole world. To explain these processes we have a theory against which we don’t have any strong contradictions, i.e. the "Theory of Evolution" given by Charles Darwin in 1858 in his book The Origin of Species. The theory of intelligent design has already been disposed by almost all the scientists of the world. And for those who still believe in this theory, they should understand that abiogenesis is chemistry; big bang is cosmology and evolution is biology, you cannot use one theory to explain the other. Charles Darwin’s theory is one of the best theories to explain evolutionary processes. However the philosophy propagated by him can be questioned which talks about the competition against nature .According to him you have to continuously fight against the nature for survival, but if we apply those principles in today’s world then this world might end within 20 years. We will have to go along with the nature to make this world peaceful. Some contrasts have been drawn in this paper on the negative and positive sides of the Darwin’s theory.
Darwin’s theory: Applied by the HR managers of today
Darwin clearly said in a simple language that only the best survives in this world and rest succumb to the competition. This applies to the organisations as well and the success of the organisation is represented by the spirits which with its employees work for the company. Every individual feels the heat of competition and believes that if he is able to vote down his peer group he/she can rise up in the hierarchy level. This was clearly the case during the period of 70’s and 80’s in the Indian industry where the market was dominated by the PSU’s and very few private players were present in the market. The only way the people believed to rise in that structure was to defeat their colleagues, but with this type of outlook a lot of internal heat was generated in the organisation and organisation was unable to grow the way the managers wanted. The entropy of the organisation was dissipated as heat and organisations continued to make losses.
But in the late 90’s the organisations started evolving and that too on the lines of Darwin, as the competition increased fiercely. This made people realise the fact that they have to work for the organisation not for themselves. The HR of the organisations including PSU’s started rewarding the individuals not based on their positions in the organisations but based on their contribution and the work they did. A wave of revolution in the work culture was being witnessed by the people. The HR managers made people believe that if the company makes profit they will be suitably rewarded.
Many of the companies which are in the service sectors have competitions between their own centres to increase on the efficiency. A person feels more attached to his work and the required passion for the organisation is generated automatically in this whole process. Thus we see that the completion was still there but it evolved to a supra system where the organisations are competing with each other, not the individuals. This evolution process will go on with consolidation and expansion where the organisations will continue to merge, the HR managers of the organisations will help the people to adapt to the new cultures and the organisations will grow by organic as well as inorganically.
During the recent mergers we have seen that there was a very low success rate, mainly because the people felt that they are not going to be recognized for their competencies any more. This is simply an application of the Darwin’s theory: the employees failed to adapt and only the fittest survives. If the HR policies of the company are not competent enough or they are not even 50 % in lines with the ideologies of the acquired firm then there is a very high chance that the synergy which the organisation is expecting in a merger can never be attained.
Currently the HR policies focus on three main [1] aspects which I would like to relate in a tabular format to the Darwin’s theories.
HR Sub-function
Application of Darwin’s theory
Employee Sourcing
Recruiting the best available talent in the industry
Recruitment of the fittest; candidates who are believed will adapt to the environment well are recruited in to the company
Employee Motivation
Pay Packages are not enough to retain the employees, the employees require a sense of recognition for the work
Managers have to go to individual level to attain this , The survival of the fittest theory still holds valid as the managers try to alleviate competition to the supra level as compared to the organisational level
Employee Engagement and Talent Retention
Most of the individuals are not committed to their companies and look for the individual benefits
Managers are required to identify the best people and give them the feeling that they have to survive for the larger goal. They will be suitable rewarded for the talent and only BEST will be recognised for his talent.
Even for an astute HR manager it’s difficult to keep him updated about the changes in the behaviour of employees and how it is going to affect the organisation in the short and long run. The most difficult situation arises when the HR personnel has to remove the unfit person from the organisation. Like Darwin explained elimination by force results in a disturbance into the system and same will happen when an employee is sacked. To counteract this employees are required to follow a three step procedure [2]:
Write out the alleged failing and send a copy to the employee
Invite employee to a hearing
If action is taken, invite the employee to attend an appeal. A more senior manager should attend.
Darwin’s theory is also EVOLVING
(Proof to the evolution of the Darwin’s theory with the help of the principles of sustainability)
The year 2009 marks the bicentennial anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the sesquicentennial anniversary of his book On the Origin of Species being published. One hundred fifty years have passed since the dawn of evolutionary science, and many are still fighting against it while others are working to prove it correct. It was Darwin that first directed our attention to nature and said "that is where we are from." As of today, the studies on the natural world have progressed a lot with better understanding about adaptation, genetic drift and mutation. We are becoming more and more environment friendly as Charles Darwin wanted it to be. However there is a lot of difference between environmentalism and sustainability. The present world wants sustainable solutions not environment friendly solutions. Here I will be contrasting some of the features between environmentalist views and sustainability views. As far as environmentalism is concerned it creates boundaries; for example we keep reminding ourselves don’t tamper with nature or to quote from more general day to day life, we instruct children not to pluck leaves or flowers. On contrast sustainability creates opportunities; it creates a solution where one can actually benefit from nature without exploiting it. Environmentalism protects legacy from the past whereas sustainability develops a future vision. Environmentalism often says ‘NO’ whereas sustainability attempts to say ‘YES’. Environmentalism brings focus to separate set of overlooked values whereas sustainability tries to integrate and strike a balance between the separate set of values. Environmentalism wants to regulate and control the economy but sustainability transforms economy. Environmentalists ask to put a check on the technology developments but sustainable solutions ask for different solutions and they don’t want to hinder that development. We have to look forward for sustainable solutions to have a better world. For example environmentalists say that we should produce lesser amount of energy and should cut down its consumption, whereas the sustainable solutions look forward to produce the same level of energy but using alternatives which don’t harm the environment e.g.: solar energy.
Application of "Modern Biotechnology and Darwin’s theory of inheritance" in the formulation of HR policies
It is well proven that genetic makeup of an individual can predict how a person is going to behave. We will be looking firstly at what the genetic makeup can predict about individuals behaviour and later on we will see how well the theories of Darwin apply to the current organisations. Darwinism can predict about general cognitive ability of a person and about his personality. It has been proved that general IQ ability of twins are almost similar but it fails to account for the fact that there are behavioural differences among twins in many cases and according to his genetic principles these differences should not have been there. For defining personality we will consider the big five personality traits openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability [3]. The research has proved that some of the personality traits are substantially heritable. Also personality stability is also influenced by the genetic makeup of an individual. It appears that the genetic makeup of an individual has the potential to predict the unique characteristics about a person’s behaviour.
The job satisfaction of an individual can also be predicted by the genetic makeup of an individual. A study has been done on predicting the job behaviour of an individual and its genetic makeup [2]. In the study, the authors have used job satisfaction reports which were collected from monozygotic twins that were brought up separately to prove that the genetic component affects substantially. They also predicted that variations among the genetic factors can actually explain the 30 percent of the variations in the job satisfaction because of the genetic makeup.
Even a person’s propensity to leave job can be predicted on the genetic behaviour of an individual [5]. The most important trait of an individual with relation to organisational behaviour is leadership. Though many studies have already been done to predict leadership qualities of an individual on the basis of the genetic makeup but no strong inference from these studies have been drawn from them till now and it is poses a big challenge for the Darwin’s theory which says that all major traits of the personality are dependent on the genetic makeup of an individual [6].
However the theories of Darwin can be verified fully once the scientists identify all the genes on the human genome and better genetic mapping techniques are developed. It will help to advance our understanding of between-individual differences in organizational behaviour outcomes, such as leadership, motivation, and job performance.
Operational models and processes can be developed which can predict the organisational behaviour of an individual. The genetics have the potential to offer new insights into how an individual’s behaviour can change with respect to a change in the external environment of the individual. Thus with the development of the modern biotechnology and information about the genetic makeup of the employees it will b easy for the employers to predict the fit of the individuals into their organisations.
Science answered the questions that how the human race evolved, developed and reached this stage. For these questions Darwin’s theories hold true but we cannot apply his theories to each and every dimension of the human life in the same manner. The world is growing at a fast pace and the sense of competition is intense, Darwin’s theories have reformed over the due course by the policies adopted by the HR managers. The genetic principles can predict a person’s behaviour but not with 100 % confidence, hence further technological developments are necessary in this regard which will lead to less attrition and higher job satisfaction.

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