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Published: 2021-06-24 15:40:04
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Recruitment consultants nowadays play a vital role in moving skilled labours from one part of the world to another and hence they form a special part of the modern day employee recruitment system. Earlier employees were more content to work in their home town or country. Nowadays employees prefer to work in different geographical locations for better wages, experience and living standards. Recruitment consultants have an important role in moving employees from one location to another location. The attitude of the work force helps the employment agencies to expand their services to worldwide and send employees to different parts of the globe. In the case of our selected region, London has the presence of diversified work force. The development of European Union laws helped the workforce of east European countries (Poland, Romania and Bulgaria) to explore the job market of London and enjoy better living standards. The availability of large number of labours in some areas of businesses and shortage of some skilled employees forced organizations in the selected region to rely on the recruitment consultants to meet the demand for the work force (Vandeveer R, Menefee M, 2009).
According to Towers B, recruitment and selection is the process of attracting right number of skilled employees towards the organization and organizations use different methods to find out the required number of employees (Towers B, 1996). In broader terms recruitment is the process of attracting the skilled labours to the organization by the way of advertisements and through recruitment consultants. Recruitment is the process by which the organization chooses the right employee from the pool of available skilled candidates by means of interviews or written tests. The presence of labour agencies or recruitment consultants helps business organizations to reduce the complexity associated with recruitment and selection process.
In the recent years, the global recession has increased unemployment rate in the selected region and organizations started offering temporary jobs and short term contracts. The recession had no impact on the number of skilled candidates and organizations find it is difficult to filter and find the required number of talents from the large number of workforce. Here comes the importance of recruitment consultancies. Organizations expect the recruitment consultants to conduct the preliminary recruitment steps and get the right candidates for the next level of recruitment process (Payne T, Wood R, 2000). The presence of recruitment consultants helps the organizations to find required number of talents for the temporary and short term contract jobs. It also helps the organizations to get more responsibility on each employee and can control the employees with the help of recruitment consultants.
Problem statement and Research Questions:
The main issue here is that it takes a lot of strategic focus and planning to attract quality talents nowadays. Highly qualified professionals are in high demand in any industry and the recruitment consultants must also consider the ethnic and cultural diversity in the workforces as a major aspect of their recommendations. So this study aims to analyse the recruitment and selection process with respect to the recruitment consultants in the London area.
Research Questions:
The main research questions that arise out of this issue are,
What are the techniques used by the recruitment consultants to attract the skilled labour?
This study seeks to study the techniques being used by these consultants to attract skilled workers across the globe in the increasingly demanding industries. This may involve various methods from hard selling to targeting emotional needs of the targets.
What are the recruitment policies and procedures followed by the recruitment consultants in London?
This study also seeks to explore various policies and procedures followed by the consultants in question. The idea here is to see if there is uniformity in the procedures or each of them follow their own strategies.
What are the current problems faced by the recruitment consultancies in London?
This study seeks to find out the existing problems among the recruitment consultants. Problems may arise due to various reasons such as changing dynamics, work ethics, diversity, regulatory problems and various other such aspects so the study would look to figure out the most important issues currently affecting the consultants in London.
What is the difference between working with public and private sector clients?
Another important issue to be discussed here is the difference between the types of clients. Basically the private and public sector clients are likely to have different sets of demands and regulations which make it difficult for consultants and they may require different strategies for both.
How do these consultants manage the diversified workforce?
Workforce diversity has become one of the major issues in the global market nowadays. The UK market is no different and is flooded with expatriate workers. Because of different cultural upbringing and ethos, these workers may have different needs and there may be different techniques that can be used to attract them. So, it has to be seen how these consultants are coping with changing times and trying to attract diverse workforces.
Research Context:
The study is basically focused on the recruitment consultants in London, and so it is the population of the research. Basically the study is on the recruitment industry and that is why five different recruitment consultants have been selected for this purpose namely SSP recruitment consultancy, Euston Square, London, Accedo recruitment, Victoria, London, Brooke Street Recruitment, Baker Street, Reed Recruitment, Baker Street, London and SEC recruitment agency London.
As we know, London has evolved as a major industrial and financial centre of not only UK but of the entire world. It is house to major offices and facilities of scores of large multinational companies. They have different needs as far as human resources are concerned and hence the recruitment industry is also thriving to handle these processes for other companies so that they can concentrate on their core businesses. But the changing dynamics and an increasingly globalized world also means that the original principles of recruitment are changing rapidly. This is because the scope is much bigger for the MNCs nowadays as they recruited talent from all over the world in order to enhance diversity as there is an increasing belief that diversity leads to more creativity and injection of new thoughts. That is why the recruitment industry also has to attend to these changing scenarios. So, this study revolves around the consultants working in and around the London area as mentioned above.
Issues and Theories:
It has been noted that the companies have started to use more third parties for the recruitment process. It may also be attributed to a rise in the number of temporary contracts has resulted in the rise of the number of temporary staffs that are being recruited. Findings show that each and every year the number of workers who are employed on a temporary basis are rising by almost 25% per year. As a result, agencies have started to work closely with the organizations in areas where strategic decisions are being taken. For instance, a contract is being won by the Reed Employment to provide temporary employment to many people, indeed thousands of them. Their main duty was to reinstate the new channel five in the homes of millions of people in the United Kingdom. This recruitment agency has also undertaken the responsibility to train, select and employ the appropriate staffs for this kind of job (Collins, D, 2010).
Personal abilities of the prospective employees are taken into consideration so as to analysis whether the required job can be carried out adequately. For this purpose, the agencies use job analysis. As a part of this analysis, the minimum requirements of this job and the job descriptions are mentioned in a profile. The descriptions that are mentioned in the job profile can include descriptions like the technical facts, organizational preview, personal relationship etc. These descriptions are dependent on the structure of the organization. In future, the process of recruitment will be more complex and will be prone to changes which will indeed challenge the managers who had constructed the old organizations. This will have an effect while recruiting and selecting on the basis of traditional methods ((Vandeveer R, Menefee M, 2009).
The reason for selecting this particular topic of study is the gradual change that has taken place in this sector. Businesses are increasingly relying on the external consultants for handling their recruitments rather than in house departments. At the same time the consultants are witnessing rapidly changing demands in the market and having to align their plans accordingly. For example, until a decade ago, workplace diversity would not have been an issue in recruiting for any recruitment drive. But in present times, diversity is one of the things that are in the wish list of many organizations because of an increasing belief that offer more creativity through injection of different viewpoints. Similarly, overseas recruitments are also a much bigger business now and so is the management of expatriate employees across different markets which also involves the management of regulatory issues across the borders and related planning. London being a major commercial city, has witness all these changes mentioned above in recent times and that is why it is probably a good idea to study the recruitment agencies in London in order to understand the changing scenario and analyse the issues they are facing as well as the strategies they are adopting.
Research methodology:
The research philosophy being followed is interpretivism that emphasises on direct interaction with the relevant population. Mainly qualitative data will be given prominence throughout this study. The data will be gathered by the way of questionnaires and semi structured interviews. The researcher will conduct these interactions with the selected recruitment consultant in London. The questions asked for the data collection methods will be able to reveal the policies and procedures adapted by these consultants for the management of diversified workforce. To an extent the case study method is being followed here. The study is focused on the entire recruitment consultants in London, and hence is the population of the research. The sample will be purposive and the sample size for the research is set as five. The researcher will collect information from the five selected recruited consultancies in London. The five selected recruitment consultants are SSP recruitment consultancy, Euston Square, London, Accedo recruitment, Victoria, London, Brooke Street Recruitment, Baker Street, Reed Recruitment, Baker Street, London and SEC recruitment agency London.
The data collection process through questionnaires and interviews will be conducted as a part of the primary data collection process and they will be backed by secondary data collected through literature review before the commencement of this process. All the interviews and questionnaire distributions will be conducted based on the prior written permission from the concerned managements and special care will be given to the collection of data. The analysis process may involve techniques such as grounded theory analysis to analyse the qualitative and subjective information gathered through interviews. This method will ensure that the analysis is done without any presumptions and the right kind of conclusions is being made. There may be certain limitations here considering the small sample size and possible ethical issues regarding the response of these consultants but overall it is expected to be an interesting study offering new insight into the matter.
The study follows the conventional dissertation structure as follows,
Introduction: This section lays out the basic outline of the study. It introduces the subject, explains the problem statement and raises research questions. It also provides a brief background of the topic being discussed along with the structure of the sections to follow. It also briefly discusses the methodology that is going to be used here and mentions the primary sample for the data collection process.
Literature Review: This section consults the existing research works on similar topics through research papers, journals, books and other sources available in public domain. It will basically explore the studies related to recruitment policies, strategies and related topics as well as some auxiliary issues such as necessity and management of employee diversity in modern day corporations.
Methodology: The methodology part will explain the research philosophies as well as methods being used in detail. It will also explain the types of data being collected as well as the techniques being used for the same. It also explains the analytical process that follows along with the validity, reliability and possible limitations of the research in general.
Results and Analysis: This section describes the data collection process and the results acquired through it. Survey, interviews etc. are described here in detail and the researcher also expresses personal opinions based on the observation of these results.
Discussion: This section takes the analysis process further and explores the results of the data collection process. It tries to come up with major observations or findings that have been observed in this process and tries to arrive at sensible observations based on the available data.
Conclusion and recommendations: At the end this section revisits the research questions and observes if they have been answered to the files. It also introspects on the experience and leaves a note for the future researchers in this area. At the end it will also offer a set of recommendation for the recruitment consultants regarding the issues being discussed based on the understanding achieved through this process.
This study also explores the recruitment consultants in London. For this purpose it has selected five different consultants as the samples for primary data collection. This section has established the research topic with its background and the research questions. It has given a brief idea about the methodology and the forthcoming sections. The upcoming sections will do take it further.

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