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Published: 2021-07-04 08:15:04
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"I am you'r number one fan!"
After watching Misery by Stephen King you can not help but think about what your nice old neighbor is doing behind their close doors and what they are hiding in their spare bedroom? It is just a thought, but it may be better to die, than being saved by a stranger.
The main person in Misery is Paul Sheldon whom is a succesful author. He has been working on a series of books that deals with a girl named Misery Chastain. Paul Sheldon feels that he is being trapped and recognized as "the Misery writer". Therefore he decides to end everything that has to deal with Misery. In the last book of the Misery series, the girl Misery dies and therefore Paul feels free and now wants to make something new and even better. But who would know that his decision would change his destiny?
At first we get an introduction of the character and the scene. It starts out with a close up of a cigarette and a match. The camera moves now to the next object which is a champagne glass and a bottle. This gives us the idea and the impression of the characters personality. It tells us that the character like to give himself some loving and caring. He is also a very luxurious person.
The very first two minutes of the movie, is all about building the idea of the characters personality.
A woman living alone in a very big and old decorated house, far away from everybody else. She is Annie Wilkes, a middle-aged former nurse. Her life has been very tragic. Her husband left her. She has killed babies, at the hospital that she worked at. She has been judged by these terrifying events and was sentenced to several years in prison.
Her obsession with the Misery-books shows us that she identifies herself with the Misery-figure and therefore it is controlling her life in a curtain way.
Annie has read all the books of the Misery-series up to several times and she is always the very first to reserve and buy the latest Misery-books at the local grocery store.
At first sight she appears as a caring, very friendly, normal and lovely women. But we are still skeptical about her being too caring and nice, because she is way too strange and eccentric.
She is portrayed as the sympathetic, caring mother. She is very concerned about Paul, and she feeds Paul, changes his clothes and cares for him. In the beginning of the movie she behaves reliable and very genuine, but the more we get into the movie, we understand that she is actually unpredictable and pretty violent. After a while we get the idea of Annie, being unthinkable fanatic. She also seems like a psychotic.
Paul is the sympathetic person that we identify ourselves with.
Stephen king uses "terror" as a shocker in the story, also a bit of "gross out" also appears.
Annie is the one who frightens us, while we are watching the movie. At first sight she appears as a caring, normal and lovely women. But we are still skeptical about her being too nice. What makes this movie so good, is that she is not the "real monster". Instead of that, she could be everyone's aunt. The horror genre "gross out" appears multiplied in the movie. For example when Annie, as the psychotic she is, mutilating Paul's feet at the very climax of the movie. It also appears in the end of the movie were Paul and Annie are fighting.
Because of the situation were Paul's life is dependent on Annie's shoulder, she can make Paul do whatever she forces him to do. She forces him to burn his latest book, were the Misery-figure dies. Instead, Paul has to write a new book where Misery has to rise from her grave.
The construction of the movie is like a fairytale. Paul are the expected hero, and Annie is the evil "stepmother/aunt/neighbor". It starts with harmony, where Paul is celebrating his new book. All the disharmony and conflicts builds up through the movie, when he meets Annie.
Paul tries to escape several times, but he keeps failing. Paul tried to make Annie unconscious by putting medicine in her wineglass. He also kept a knife in his bandage, so he could pull it out and kill her. At the end of the movie it succeeded, and there is harmony again exactly like beginning.
There may be a deeper message within this movie. Paul Sheldon has as a succesful author learned something about the whole episode.
Paul is having a discussing with his literary agent about his new book. After he survived the incident with Annie, he started to write for his own good, and that is probably why he is being so succesful and even better than before where he just wanted to be a "good" author, for the critics sake, that would praise him in a positive way.
He is going through a very postive maturing process, where he develops his writing abilities and potential,and retrieves the sweet joy of writing as a succesful author.
The story of Misery is a perspective to Stephen King's own experiences with fans (probably not as scary and terrifying as Annie). The story may be a whole message to his fans. If we look at it in a positive way, the fans are always there for the author, for good or bad. They inspires Stephen King to keep going with his writing. But it can also be negative, for example when the fans does not know the limit.
The basic themes within this movie is, development of Paul's writing skills especially his mentally development and the movie is a psychological thriller/terror.
Was Annie following Paul during the storm in the car or was it a coincidence that she found and rescued´╗┐ Paul from the crash? We will never know that. But Annie does not believe in coincidences. Paul is in her arms, waiting for her to give him the next painkillers. His life depends on her, and therefore Annie does what she can to get Paul back to the Misery-books and making something new, and probably better than any of the other Misery-books.

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