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Published: 2021-06-24 12:10:04
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Family Handbook
Petetra Clark
ECE 312 Administrations of Early Childhood Ed. Programs
Instructor: Jessica Horn
The Children’s World Early Learning
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
Dear Parents,
Welcome to The Children’s World Early Learning Center! We are delighted that you and your child have joined our family. We are licensed by the state of Texas "Shining Star Bright future" Program "Our goal is meet your childcare need’s as well as provide a healthy, secure, nurturing, educational environment for your child to develop positive, self esteem and learn to explore the world around them. We strive to give your child a better outlook on life and to have as much fun a possible learning as well as giving them the high quality education that they deserve, as parents we welcome your intake and want to make you feel at ease and welcome to come to us with any questions or concerns that you may have now or in near the future. With both parents and teachers working together as a team we are sure to have the perfect foundation needed for your child to progress, grow, and build with the tools that we have given to them.
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Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
Family Involvement
We encourage you to visit the center and meet with our staff as well as look in on your child anytime suitable for you greet us with your presence. Your active participation is vital to improve the quality of your child’s learning experience here. The connection between your home and the center helps to boost your child’s sense of security. We would like to institute and uphold a relationship of common trust, support, and respect. Every month a newsletter is published to keep parents updated and well informed. Any contribution is welcomed and appreciated, we ask for any support you have to offer throughout the various fundraisers that we hold every year. We are grateful for your volunteer time and value any thoughts about how to make this facility a better place. Our Assistant director is always available and welcomes your input during business hours. We would love to hear ideas and concerns and look forward to getting to know you.
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
The Children’s World Early Learning Center opened its doors September, 2002
We are located at 1334 Dixie Dr, Angleton, TX 77515; we are a nonprofit organization that is licensed by "Shining Star Bright future" in the state of Texas. We are Montessori based and we service age 0-12. The Children’s World is dutiful to the care to the care and educations of children of all ages. Our growth and promotion come from an elected board that consist family members as well as church members of our community. The members of the board have the responsibility of setting our general policies, guidelines, and monitoring any financing or budgeting as well as hiring staff and setting the salary. The Board gets together every third Tuesday of the month to review.
The Children’s World believes that children are born with the aspiration to learn and that learning the natural process. Our goal is to permit this process to unfurl and welcome it as it does. We teach our children one of the most important things to learn that they are; lovable; capable; irreplaceable and all things are possible.
Our facility provides a clean, well organized, and hazard-free; by providing comfortable chairs/couches, rugs, and lamps; and enforcing rules, which are in place to protect. Your child/ children must be signed in and out daily on order to leave on come into the facility. The Center
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
will not release any child without the proper id and/or authorization. Written permission cards will be given for those who are allowed to remove your child from the center. All changes for picking up your child/children may be written on the sign out sheet; Identification is required for any person picking up your child/children. All people that are authorized to pick up your child/children are required to know the standard procedure as we will not allow them to remove the child/children unless they have the proper identification These procedures are enforced to provide safety and a protected environment for your child/children.
The Children’s World offers both indoor and outdoor activities. Our large-motor playroom is used on regular bases by all students and outdoor play is encouraged when the weather allows it. We ask that you dress your child appropriately for the weather. The children will be playing outside daily unless the weather is too bad to go out. All children are required to participate in outdoor actions unless staffs are otherwise instructed by a note from child’s physician. We provide breakfast, lunch, and snack daily and post menus weekly for parents and staff. You are welcome to send food with your child as long as it nutritional and does not cause as a threat to other child (Please be advised no peanuts are peanut products can be brought in) Food substitutions for children who have a food allergy are acceptable. Nap time is part of each room’s daily routine. You child may bring a security blanket or sleep toys if this is easier for them. Please be sure to write his/her name on all their belongings and please inform staff if your child/children are going to be picked up early.
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
All curriculum in our center is used help children reach their age appropriate learning goals. We support this need by allowing each child to develop at their own individual developmental goals; but at the same time challenging and welcoming expansion of that level by providing the materials that the introduce basic concepts of shades of colors, shapes, sizes, numbers, letters, etc. Our teachers monitor and react to your child’s use of resources to expand their usage. Play is used as a primary activity of childhood, it how they learn The Children’s World recognizes this and supplies them with the time and space to be creative.
Currently we have five different classrooms. The age groups is the following
1 Infant Room-Age 3 weeks to 12 months
1 Toddler Room-Age 12 month to 24 months
1 Twoodler Room-Age 24 months to 36 months
1Preschool Room –Age 4 years to 5 years
1 School Age Rooms-Age 5 years to 12 years
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
All staff has been First Aid & CPR trained and have their CDA or Early Childhood Associate Degree.
Infant Room –Provides a loving environment that is staffed by nurturing teachers who understand your infant’s needs. Your infants learn that the world is a safe trustworthy place because of our response to their weeping, facial gesture, or, verbalization. By meeting both their physical and emotional we teach them to see the world through different eyes.
Toddler Room- Provides a secure, healthy environment where children have the chance to discover experiences from painting and pasting all the way down to using play dough. Building blocks and even experiencing beads.
Twoodler Room- children that are no longer young toddlers, however they are not really preschoolers either. As their skills develop they are required to experiment with large varieties of resources and problems. The Twoodlers who just like a toddler struggle with issues of dependence in opposition to independence, this is where we supply them with the choice to make small decisions.
Pre-School- TX. Pre-k standards make certain that young children develop skills in language and literacy, math, science, social studies, health and physical, personal and social, and art areas. Teachers must help as well complete assessments in all learning domains of every child daily
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
and document it weekly.
School Age- We offers both before, after school care, and full daycare for school holidays during summer months as well The prime focus here is recreational.
Positive Guidance
Children learn to respect other when given respect themselves by being treated in a respectable manner. The facility has adult models that show by example instead of only telling children the way to behave. We try to reduce situations that cause conflict by providing the materials that will challenge them instead of annoy them. Different behavior from different age groups is expected. We do not tolerate violence, humiliation, threatening or intimidation. There are several alternatives to fix a problem and this is what we suggest. We reinforce behavior with nurturing and tenderness to in order the reassure our kids. Opportunities are provided for children who need to achieve control and we give the time that is needed to do so. We believe that with endurance, determination, wittiness, and kindness, teachers guide children through rough spots, dropping power resistant’s and evading conflicts of will. Parents and teachers working together to help children develop appropriate behaviors. Having open communication between parents and teachers is the beneficial for teacher and parent. Both parents and teachers should keep each other informed about concerns or changes in the behavior of the child. If a child continues to display difficulties after classroom discipline, parents, teachers and/or an administrator then meet to plan a cooperative effort on the
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
child’s behalf. All three parties involved try willing and coming up with a plan. Teachers and parents will then monitor the plan to see if it is effective. The main goal is to help the child behave in a more positive way. Parental cooperation is essential in this joint effort since without cooperation the child may have difficulty remaining at The Children’s World.
Health Policies
Before we enroll a child at The Children’s World, physical examination by a health care provider is required stating that they will be able participating in a child care setting. The child must have current Immunization record .We send Immunization reminders to you so our files will always be current. Children with a chronic illness such as asthma, diabetes, febrile seizures, etc. need to have written information by a physician concerning any special actions, observation or treatment. If a child is in need of emergency medical care and the child’s parents and those selected as an emergency contact cannot be reached, the center will then call 911 to transfer the child to Angleton Danbury Medical Center. Any medication must be in the original prescription bottle and be for a precise circumstance accompanied by the above form. This applies to prescription and non-prescription medications. The prescription label need consist of the information listed above and the dosage instructions. One teacher in every classroom room is authorized to give out medication. One administrator is also trained to administer medication.
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
Accident Reports and Notes of Information
It is mandatory for all teachers to write up a full Accident Report for any injuries your child may sustain while in our care. The Report will explain any minor injuries or treatment your child/ children might have had. You must sign all Accident and illness Reports.
Your Monthly fee is due whether or not your child attends the center. The Facility has a set a slot for your child; and you will we billed for that slot. Fees may be paid by Wednesday (3:30 P.M.). If payment is not received, a late fee of ten dollars ($25.00) will be charged to your account. Repeated delinquency in the payment of fees will result in your child being excluded from attending until the Center is paid in full. If an account has outstanding balance for more than two weeks child care will be suspended and the account turned over to collections. A finance charge of 8% per month will be assessed all balances over 30 days. Finance charges may be waived at the discretion of the Assistant Director.
Family Discount
A1 0% weekly discounted is given to all full time Students (5 days a week). All full paying clients who have more than one child enrolled in The Children’s World. Only pay full price for one and the second child is discounted $10%. If you have more than three children enrolled, the discount would be the same for each additional child.
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
Returned Check Fee
A thirty-five dollar ($35.00) charge will be added to any account that has a returned check.because of non-sufficient or uncollected funds. If two or more checks are returned within the year, you will be required to pay by cash or money order for the next twelve months.
Late Pick Up Policy
The Children’s World closes at 8:30 P.M. It is important that you pick up your child by 8:30 P.M. Any child still at Center after 8:30P.M. Will be down in the front office waiting for an approved escort. Please be sure that all escorts know of our routine. A late pick-up fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) will be charged beginning at 8:30P.M. And additional ($15.00) per child will be charged for each ten minutes afterwards.
The Children’s World is closed on all holidays (You will not be charged tuition for these days):
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr.
Memorial Day
4th Of July
Week 2 assignment: Policy & Procedures
Family Handbook
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day/After
Christmas Day
Field Trips
Parent need to give consent on all field trips in order for their child to participate. Each time we take a trip you will be notified and asked to sign a permission slip for each planned trip. Parents are expected to inform the office by 8:00 AM, you will be given advance notice.

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