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Published: 2021-06-23 05:40:04
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In order to make available my know-how, experiences in Shipping, Port Management & International trade & Transportation. To be able to improve & extend my current knowledge acquiring new experiences in terms of international trade. Achieve a leader position in Shipping, Port or International trading inorder to participate actively & efficiently in the growth, reliabililty & performance of international business.
Work Experience:
Seaworld Shipping & Logistics L.L.C., Dubai (From 29th July '08 - 03rd August'09)
Job Profile - Working as Operations Executive

Handling tanker vessels calling at UAE ports.
Preparing accounts disbursement for vessels.
Visiting present customers for business and finding prospective trade leads inorder to increase business activities for our company.
Managing freight forwarding activities for Import/Export shipments.
Well versed wih Dubai trade custom system, DPA-MAN customs portal, DP world Portal.
Knowledge of Incoterms, Chartering terms & Geography of International trade.
Managing custom clearance procedures, documentation activities.
Providing training on shipping terms and practices to new individuals recrutied in company.

Seaworld Shipping & Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Bandra (From 7th May '07 - 28th July'08)
Job Profile - Working as Operations Executive

Operation handling through office:

Managing Port & Vessel operations from arrival, berthing, boarding & sailing formalities.
Making Pro-forma disbursements accounts for principals & follow-up with them for any specifications for the same in order for arrangements of appropriate funds at specific time constrain.
Assiting accounts department for preparing Final disbursement account before dispatching the same to principals.
Handling communication with Charterers, Vessel owners, Ship Managers through mailing & various other modes.
Updating principals on various issues such vessel position, berthing updates, loading/discharge updates, time-log, & any other issues during office/after office hours.
Reporting calls at various ports, communication with Master of vessel through mails.
Updating master on pre-arrival requirements, port information of arriving port in order for proper planning for prior berthing of vessel.
Sending ETA notices, Tendering NOR, Preparing SOF & drafting mails sent to principals.
Booking air-tickets by communicating with branch offices regarding crew change schedules.
Co-ordinated with principals such as Ocean Tankers - Singapore, Fal Shipping - Dubai, ST Shipping - Singapore, Navigator gas - UK, Naftomar Shipping, Dynacom Tankers - Greece,

Operation handling in Port & Ship:

Involved in all aspects of vessels operation from informing various Customs/Immigration authorities regarding vessels arrival & managing easy clearance of vessel through authorities.
Preparing, filing & rotating IGM and ED in customs.
Boarding formalities, arranging documentation in proper order for quick clearance from various authorities.
Assiting vessel's captain & crew for services at port.
Assisting vessel inspector for easy boarding & returning through port.

Skills Profile:

Worked as a part of team to increase sales & achieve operational excellency while working in Dubai.
Experience of working in groups of diverse nationality for our academic projects.


Communicating with captain of vessel and other crew members of various ethnicity has developed my confidence.
Also communication with government authorities and making them understand certain complex matters of shipping for clearing goods.

Professional qualication:
Registered as a student for Institute of Chartered ShipBroker, London for year 2009-2010.
Completed post gradute diploma in Shipping Management from Narottam Morarjee institute of Shipping, Mumbai.
Completed Post graduate diploma course in Advertising, Marketing & Public Relation with 64.00 % marks in aggrerate from K.C. College of Management studies, Churchgate in the year 2006-07.
Educational qualification:
M. Sc. International Business, 2009-10: The University of Birmingham, England,
Modules studying includes Issues in Management, Global Shift, International Business Theories, International Business Research, Transnational Management, International Marketing, Marketing in Emerging markets, Doing business in emerging economics, International Business skills,
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), 2005-06: Sathaye college, Mumbai University, Mumbai,
Higher secondary school, 2001-02: St. Thomas high school & Junior College, Mumbai,
Secondary school examination, 1999-2000: Bangur Nagar Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
Computer literacy:
Conversant with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Online shipping portals.

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