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Published: 2021-06-23 10:35:05
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From time immemorial, there have been individuals and organizations who have contributed immensely into people’s lives all over the world. They have had a positive impact to the lives of many people such that they are recognized significantly among people. In this case, we have the Apple Inc company. The organization was formally referred to as Apple computer Inc. This is a company that has dedicated to making as well as selling of computer software, electronics and even personal computers. The organization has touched many lives in the world through its products such as iPod, iPhone Smartphone and not forgetting the iPad tablet computer. The organization is one of the leading in the sector all over the world (Lusted 2012, p. 54).
In addition to organizations, there are also individuals whose contribution has touched numerous lives in the world. Steve Jobs is an example of such people whose actions has contributed and touched people’s lives through his products. He famously credited for his prominent livelihood in the computer and electronics. His work has significantly transformed people’s lives through the products he has produced ranging from the music sector to the video and movies (Linzmayer 2004, p. 110). The reasons why am looking forward to work in this company is the challenging environment it offers in the technology industry. The leadership of the company offers positive support to workers at my level and supports them. Another attraction for me to work in the Apple Inc is the level of products produced as they have turned to be one of the top in the technology market.
Task 1
Achievements of the Apple Inc company
When we look into the success of Apple Inc, it is inevitable to fail to notice its success in the computer industry. It has taken the computer and music gargets as well as software’s into a higher level than before. The company has achieved this through the quality products in the market from the company. One of the factors behind the success of the organization is the adequate understanding of the customer needs and working hard to achieve them. The success of the organization can also be credited to the hardworking and skills of the founder Steve Jobs (Paul 2003, P.146). The organization has also contributed immensely to offering fresh graduates a platform to develop their skills in the line of technology. From the humble start by the founder Steve Jobs; it gives new people (employees) in the organization the urge to work hard for better achievements in one's career. Despite the death of the founder, the organization is continuing to perform in the market. This is due to the effective way of leadership that was laid by Steve.
The organization selection criterion for new or experienced employees is varied. However, there are some attributes that are considered vital at Apple. These are high esteem, confidence, ability to come up with innovations and a great team player. The company does not have set up committees to come up with new ideas. Rather, the employees meet every morning to brain storm and come up with new ideas (Gitman et al 2009, P.284). The HR policy states that, ‘give the company necessary personnel that will ensure perfect performance’. Employees at all times should aim for the highest quality in everything they do. This will promote internal career progression (Ireland et al, 2008 P .56). Where else will a new graduate want to work at if not at Apple Inc.? This is admirable as a new employee will be able to settle down and get on with business fast. Various careers can be expounded through the company ranging from the sales and marketing employees and the software developers. It gives challenging environments to new graduates' which is an advantage as they develop as well as putting their knowledge into practice'. Through their products, they have managed to make their customers life easier (Gitman et al 2009, P.456). For example, the iPhone is a combination of a mobile phone, iPod and interment communications device.
Culture of the Apple Inc
In reference to the company’s mission and vision statement, it gives the worker the desire to work harder for them to achieve the best. Apple is committed to bringing an experience that is the best in personal computing to the educators, students, professionals and all their entire consumers around the world. This would be through their innovative hardware software and the internet offerings. On the other hand, its vision states that ‘man is the source of change in the world. With this, he should be the overall ruler over systems and systems but not be subordinate to them’. Through the statements, there has been the need for man to take control of his surrounding hence giving challenge to young and the old of employees to work for a better change in their lives (Linzmayer 2004, P.121).
Apple Inc. culture is strictly based on ideals of self motivation. There exist no bureaucratic structures in the company. The CEO believed that people input is felt and realized when there’s no one to micromanage the workers. The decision making is on the hands of each employee of the company (O'grady 2009, P.146). However, the company has made it mandatory for the employees to be accountable for their decisions. The company has also enforced swift decision making and communication in all departments. For every project carried out by the company, there is ‘ a direct responsible individual’ (DRI) for that project. It essentially means that if the project succeeds or fails, they will be an employee receiving an accolade or an employee leaving the institution (Gitman et al 2009, P.283). As a hopeful employee of Apple Inc, the company will propel me to test my capabilities. I will be able to consolidate my confidence and communication skills. The company will also sharpen my ideas and will be able to make important decisions on behalf of the company.
Reasons why apple is helpful to young graduates
I think Apple Inc. provides a platform for the new and junior workers to come with new and better innovations. This will also offer me as a future employee to the organization the best platform to show cases my skills. The company has various divisions and departments as mentioned above. It, therefore, means one can be employed in the division that befits his/her qualifications. The company provides for the young people to develop this will certainly improve my skills as an employee. As long as I remain committed to the company’s mission and vision and work hard to come up with innovations, am guaranteed of a better terms and conditions in the company (Gitman & McDaniel 2009, p. 430).
The change has been inevitable, especially in the technology world all over the human race. The business has been in the forefront in meeting the peoples demand in the technology sector. Through its product, the organization has been able to change people’s lives through the way of sending and receiving information, communication, photograph taking and video recording. Therefore, I would like to reckon with companies like the Apple which has immensely contributed to improving people’s lives. This has seen the company rated the second in its category. The company’s mission and vision are a commitment to innovation and still development in the communication industry (Lusted 2012, P. 66). The new developments in Apple Inc. have taught me to keep up with technology. The company also comes up with innovations in the market. I want to be part of this company because every day will be a learning day.
Conclusion Task 1
In conclusion, citing the information we can say that Apple Inc is a force and still a giant in the communication industry. We can also learn that leadership quality of the founder has contributed a lot in the growth of the industry. The Company gives new employees a chance to come up with incredible contribution to the present company’s performance. The employees are also rewarded and recognized for their contributions. The company’s culture creates a very motivated brand of employees who are will to grow and mature with the company.
Task 2
In addition, to organizations improving people’s lives in various ways there are individuals who have also improved people’s lives through their innovation and hard work. Various individuals have positively influenced people’s lives such Steve Jobs the man who is credited with Founding The Apple Inc (Gillam 2012, p. 40).
Steve Jobs Contributions to the Society
Steve jobs have contributed to people’s lives in the communication sector and computer field through his innovations. He has been a renowned leader in the company through his styles and achievements. He once said that ‘innovation differentiates a leader and a follower’. These words gave him the strength to continue inventing more products that would be of significant change over the world. His work turned Apple to be the world most admired company. A quote from Steve jobs said that ‘people should know that their time is limited, and they stop wasting time 'in others life or rather they should avoid living with the results of other peoples thinking'. You should not let other people’s noise deter you from your inner self. Instead you should have the bravery to pursue your heart, and the intuition and the rest will follow (Gillam 2012, p.46).
Steve has gone through hard times before becoming a celebrity in the line of technology through his innovations. His desire and interest with technology starts early as he worked worth Atari Inc which was a video game manufacturing company. He was fond of people with like minded people such as a designer and namesake Steve Wozniak. From the humble ground, he was determined to achieve his goals and objectives. He went to India for skills, and when he came back to his home country he convinced his friend Steve they work together. From then he has gone through many handles and hindrances, but he never lost the direction and the dream to achieve more and more (Isaacson 2012, p.106). In the Apple Company, he was the CEO until 2011, but he took over the board chairman. However, without any doubt he has been one of the victorious and yet innovative entrepreneur in the world and hence admired by many in the society for his achievements. Few people has even gone ahead to say that the company will never be the same again without Jobs.
Steve Jobs Achievements and Leadership Style
During his tenure as the CEO, he portrayed many remarkable qualities that any graduate from the schools would admire to have and should embrace. His career with technology has touched numerous lives in a constructive way. One of his characteristics is that he was highly determined and courageous. In all his actions, he was determined to achieve the best. He sacrificed his moment and property in order to achieve his goals. He saved money and went to India in search of skills to help him in the industry (Doeden 2012, p.32). His characters have been one to be emulated by any student and graduate in any sector. In addition, he was also courageous as he risked his savings in what he liked most.
Another positive thing with Steve that made him an exceptional person in the industry is his leadership style. This enabled him to lead the Apple Inc from a small and humble start to a world renowned company. One of his characteristics as an effective leader is that he was a transformational leader and was not known for his consultative or rather consensus approach. His approach in the company was that there existed no bureaucratic structures. Rather, employees would meet every morning and come up with new ideas (Gitman et al 2009, P.284). He was always passionate and also enthusiastic with what he was doing. He created visions and injected energy and motivation into his team. This enabled to lead by example which gave his employees the challenge. He was always a high maintenance worker who always demanded excellence from his staff. He was simply described by the apple Inc as a visionary (Cooke 2011, p. 101).
In addition to the above characters, he also used the autocratic style of leadership. He always regarded that whatever he was doing was right (Gillam 2012, p. 10). Through his autocratic leadership, he was able to lead his group of workers to understand what was required of them and hence the achievement and goals to achieve. His strong leadership was an advantage to his style of leadership. Rather than being democratic he chooses to follow his autocratic style. This enabled him to avoid the ideas of other people 'which would have delayed his goals achievements' (Gillam 2012, p. 11). In addition to this, he was also a down to earth leader and was not rowdy in his managerial style. He was a good practitioner of personal relations, and this enabled him to have people who were ready to work with him (Gaines 2000, p.71).
His characteristics as a leader are a vast teaching to the graduates who would like to achieve in their lives. He challenged people to make better things out the little they have in terms of time and resources. He has also taught that other people should not delay one in achieving his/her goals but rather should motivate one in achieving them. His style also taught that one should be disciplined and patient. Graduates are also taught to accept and be ready for challenges in life. Challenges are there to make one strong and not to pull him/her down (Hunter 2012, p. 68).
Teachings from life and experiences of Steve
He has taught that for one to realize his goals in life he has to let other people help him but not change him from his course. Different challenge in life brigs different experience 'which is what people needs to survive in the world'. His achievements have made him the celebrity figure, and it is clear that he was one of the heroes in the communication industry. He has given many people in life that they are the solo determinants if their fate in life. Through his achievements, he has also taught that everything is achievable. However, for one to achieve his goals and objectives he needs the right environment, dream and determination to continue (Cooke 2011, p. 88).
His life and achievements have taught me to be determined in everything I do as well as everything is achievable with the right mentality. As an individual, it is clear that he has touched many lives positively. This is because he came up with the many kinds of products in the market. Through his leadership styles, he has also taught that one should go for the best style that suits his goals. His philosophy of ‘doing the right thing and avoid pleasing everyone’ has taught me that for one to be successful, one must harden up. One should make the right decision no matter the situation on the ground. This attitude, I believe, will propel me to achieve a lot more in life. Good relationship with people and especially ones employees is essential as shown from Steve’s achievements. Steve Jobs teaches me that the heart of a successful company is the employees. One of his inspiring quotes says that, ‘in innovations you make mistakes, ‘however’ it is best to admit them and get on to improving your other innovations’ (Cooke 2011, p. 98).
Summary on task 2
Finally, despite his death in October 2011, his hard work and achievements has left his legacy alive. During his time, he received a number of honors and even public recognition for his positive contributing in the communication technology and music industry. What has inspired me most about the leader Steve is how he started from a humble ground and achieved the much he has achieved in the market. His determination and courage were good incentives to be copied by anyone who wants to achieve in innovations. The key reason why I choose a technology industry or company is because; technology has become the order of the day in each and every sector in the society. Technology has become a significant factor in people’s lives. Another point is that the technology company is equally related to my skills that I have studied in the university. In addition, the organization serves my desire to be a renowned software developer in the communication gadgets industry (Doeden 2012, p 46).
Task 1
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Task 2
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