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Published: 2021-06-23 08:20:04
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Hospitality refers to the act of being hospitable or the guest-host relationship. Hospitality industry has existed since ever and it continues to boom in every way as it includes all kinds of sectors associated with pleasure and satisfaction. It ranges from food, restaurants, bars, cruise, tourism, and travel to housekeeping, bartending, etc. When customers spend, they expect kind treatment and right attitude. Customer care, being an important factor, amalgamated with right approach is highly appreciated. This industry has a great deal and diversity of opportunities, in every part of the world, which provide ample space for experimentation as well as pure delight. Both the skilled and the newcomers can avail a lot of opportunities to grow and excel in a tiny time span. (Alfaysal, n.d.)
Since there is a strong competition in international market, companies are striving to penetrate and expand new markets and portfolios all over the world. International brands are being established globally, being either emerging or mature, under operative and ownership standpoints. To survive in these expanding markets with increasing customer preferences, it is a tough challenge to compete with local, domestic brands. For competition, combination of globalization and localization so called as "Glocalization" is taken as the leading principle in fight for succession. Globalization has accelerated all around the world, with millions of changing tastes and preferences resulting from changes in shifts in class and increasing population living on rising amounts of disposable income. (Ernst & Young, 2013)
The advancements in technology have invaded the forefront of the customer service very rapidly which has allowed the visitors to avail personalized services with increased expectations. The host’s friendly attitude reveals their concern towards the guest and the level of priority they can offer. Today, the feeling of getting a personalized service by just knowing some personal information is enough to value the customers. In this case, easy access to required documents by installing appropriate software’s has not only increased the productivity but it has also aided in delivering secure, personalized services. (Ernst et al 2013)
Software’s have provided high quality solutions and services besides setting standards for the hospitality industry. Business or pleasure is not the only reason for travelling now; it is more like a competitive global market. In order to maintain brand loyalty during streamlining operations, global carriers, airports and hoteliers are facing a challenge to integrate technology with customer demands and satisfaction. Good management is the core of hospitality industry but learning new objectives is a must at each step. The prosperity of an organization is never based on stagnant strategies but it requires alterations according to the need of time. Workplace learning is extensive enough to teach new techniques and phenomenon for every task. (Ernst et al 2013)
Most employees give their best to become fruitful contributors to an organization. They are well aware of their duties and tend to achieve the maximum of whatever is expected from them. A good manager applies a performance management system involving the overall goals and missions, to provide a competitive environment for learning. These aids in improving the overall effectiveness and helps employees understand the significance of their contributions. Manager’s performance is dependent upon employee’s dutifulness. A good manager explains and guides the employee about their duties and expectations. They discuss and sort any obstacles, face competencies, provide timely feedback to brief the employees about the application of their job knowledge and skills to achieve their respective goals. Rewarding and appraising the employees enhance their effectiveness and loyalty for the work.
In case of deceased performance, the manager’s decision making power to devise corrective measures and boosting u the morale of the employees is an important learning stage where mistakes are taken as teachers instead of bad luck. It may be easy to figure out all the problems and not appreciating the prolific outcomes but this kind of feedback may not always be a good idea. Acknowledgement of good work is as important as suggesting improvements. Employees appreciate honesty, fairness and balance. When the workforce is given a kind treatment they urge to learn more by giving their best. The manager must ensure that the employee has been given the opportunity to provide input before any decision is made. The best workplace learning is observed when the employee is well aware of his/her job descriptions and competencies which are reflected by the updated knowledge. (Bit Wave Solutions, n.d.)
Top managers play a lead role in workplace leaning by setting trends and acting as role models. Besides inspiration, their job is to design policies which define and act on the core values based on performance. Effective performance management convinces the workers to be instrumental in achieving their goals, ultimately enhancing the productivity of the organization. In certain cases, the managers may take performance management for granted considering it a mere bureaucratic chore. Some avoid this practice thinking of it as waste of time, observed when the managers lack appropriate skills for reviewing and appreciating employee performances, and hence they fail to provide a useful feedback. Employees being the backbone of the entire performance management cycle actively participate in formulating agreements with their managers. Thus employees must be well trained to discuss, compete and resolve all their performance related issues to boost up their learning process and excel in their desired fields. (University of Washington, n.d.)
Most of the work in hospitality industry is under constant learning as employees are required to deal with people of different cultures, dialects, etiquettes and religions. This requires active responsiveness and absorbance of knowledge. If the employee lacks the urge to learn, the performance level would fall having undesirable effects on the organization as it loses its ranking in the global competitive market. If the employee fails to respond well, it is the duty of the manager to maintain a constant environment, correct the employee and teach the best possible means to overcome it. (Management Study Guide, n.d.)
The manager’s performance must aim for teaching the workforce that:
Employee’s development goals fit well in organizational needs so every contribution is significant.
Teamwork is the key to success on a broad organizational platform.
Integration of day-to-day lessons in everyday work helps apply the strategies and get experience.
Reflection of experiences the best way to learn from mistakes made in the past
Driving behavior changes through peer competition and recognition are not for insult but to make things clearer. (Management Study Guide, n.d.)
All these above mentioned steps can allow the managers to increase their performance by making the workers understand their worth in their organization. If the manager is not capable enough to deal with the employees, there would be a drop in learning process and performance management system, taking the organization to decline where several other parties are struggling to take up their position in the global market. (Management Study Guide, n.d.)
Although many factors contribute to employee learning, but the critical role played by the manager is unparallel. If the manager’s performance is weak, it dismantles the backbone of the organization i.e. the workforce, particularly in hospitality industry. Only one hateful gesture by the employee is enough to ruin the whole life-long image of a particular organization. Thus workforce learning under a capable, devoted manager can heighten the rank in the global competitive market revealing the significance of a healthy relationship between a manager and an employee. (Management Study Guide, n.d.)

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