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Published: 2021-06-25 01:35:05
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Construction projects in Malaysia and around the world more and more delivery purchase delivery methods. purchase delivery system is identified as the average performance team to provide the best engineering for a design project can be obtained using several procurement method. Procurement method is an owner before selecting a team to provide service according to the selection of project delivery systems. From a single source procurement way open competition
It consists of a goal or purpose for arranging and coordinating people realize. Describe PETROXIMAX procurement process to obtain or acquire goods and services from other consideration. My term describing the project procurement organization structure need to design and build projects for a specific client. It is very true in a sense, because the process for a building by the client, there are a group of people together, organizational systems from their roles, duties, responsibilities and the relationships between them.
Background of project
This project is about a company willing to found a new community centre for a fishing village in BANTING that to entering Malaysian market.Banting is Malaysia selangor melon of a town, about 60 miles from the southwest of the capital Kuala Lumpur. Has an estimated population of 75000, the Malay population accounts for most, followed by overseas Chinese and Indian origin. For oil palm garden in the majority, the main rivers have the Langat river. The project is aimed to provide encouragement to the community.
And the company planned three storey building with necessary
The building include 3 area follow:
A booking cum security office area
This office is library for adult members, Entry into this area need via card.
A well equipped separate gym facilities
These activities spaces are to be a interlinked but physically sepearated according to the nature the activity
A children area
This area for children to play
Main contractor
Design team
Domestic Sub-contractor
Nominated Sub- contractor
Domestic Supplier
Nominated Supplier
Some of partices responsibilities
the main responsibility of main contractor if to finish the building based on three factors which known as: Quality, Price, and allocated time which mentioned in contract form that contractor has signed. Contractor suppose to select on person to work on his behalf while he/she is not in site, the reason why is because another important responsibility of main contractor is to provide safety in the site because any injury happens to any one inside the site is contractor liability, this is a why contractor must choose one person to represent him.
An architect is a person trained in the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings. The architect hired by a client is responsible for creating a design concept that meets the requirements of that client and provides a facility suitable to the required use. In that, the architect must meet with and question the client to ascertain all the requirements and nuances of the planned project. This information, known as a program or brief, is essential to producing a project that meets all the needs and desires of the owner-it is a guide for the architect in creating the design concept.
The other main responsibility is that they give advice on the restoration and protection of old properties. In all, they work mainly for creating innovative plans and designs.
Client responsibilities:
The Client is an organization or individual for whom a construction project is carried out. In commissioning a project the Client is the biggest influences over the way in which a project is run, and accordingly the client has a responsibility for the overall Health and Safety of all personnel working on or affected by the project.
The clients may elect to manage this themselves or appoint specialist individuals such as CDM Coordinator, Designers, and Principal Contractor etc. Whatever the approach, there are still ongoing responsibilities to ensure the competence of all appointees and to monitor activities to ensure effective management of Health and Safety is carried out throughout the project.
Local authority responsibilities:
They can provide technical assistance at all stages of the project, as well as local plans and consultant studies, such as appraisals, cost estimates, feasibility studies, market studies, reuse analysis, engineering reports, land use studies, and marketability studies. They can aid a development project by directing capital and public works expenditures to coincide with the needs of the development.
The local authority is involved in any stage of project because they should be responsible to state government accordingly there different departments, which work under local authority such as:
Engineering department: responsible to check the building plans submitted to them to see if the plans are meet their requirements, if it does not meet their requirement they will comment and directing the owner to amend before giving the approval.
Technical department known as (tenaga nasional berhad): responsible to determine if an electricity will be given to the applicant
Planning department: responsible for the matters involving land issue such as change of land use and change of land ownership.
Land office department: responsible in preparation of local development plan
A booking cum security office area
Space science books from LPI and other publishers
Library Card
Available for staff, employees and contractor and interested researchers
LPI Contribution Series
Documents the scientific research, meetings, and outreach products of LPI
LPI’s Regional Planetary Image Facility
NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility
A well equipped separate gym facilities
Athletic Field
an excellently maintained athletic field that can play football softball
Basketball Courts
A big basketball courts, allowing plenty of room for random shooting games
Cardio & Weight Room
In gym area This area with a good selection of free weights and machines for a full and complete body work out. four Life Fitness 93T treadmills three Life Fitness recumbent bikes,,three Life Fitness recumbent bikes, a Life Fitness stair stepper, three Elliptical, a Life Fitness Summit and a Rowing machine.
Ed Beaty Theatre Room
This spacious and newly remodeled theater room provides wonderful accommodations for dance classes such as Country Swing, Ballroom Dance, and Belly dancing.
A children area
For infants up to 4 years old, features soft play equipment designed to promote child development.
For ages 4-13, features a two-storey-tall play structure ideal for climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing, plus a ball-blower machine, trampoline and a large 4-lane slider that can accommodate adults and children at the same time.
Athletic skills and exercise, features bicycle/roller blade lane, basketball/football court.
Evaluation of procurement methods:
Design and build:
One of the main delivery method has the advantage of design possibilities owner contracts with a single entity. The design team is responsible for providing the owner with various aspects request delivery of equipment, from the design services, including the construction of the equipment, selection and procurement. In this method, and the design about risk management and control is transferred to the design, the construction unit. In addition, the owner is dependent on design team coordination, quality and cost control, in addition to monitor progress. Design, as a project delivery system, appear to meet the owner required to complete the project recently at a faster speed, lower cost
The turnkey procurement method is a radical departure from the traditional relationship between client, consultant and contractor. Design consultant is now the same team as a contractor, bidding for a project as a joint venture. Divided between the contractor and consultant of payment is decided between them, and don't care about the customer. In the challenge is to ensure that the customer's requirements to the system on the function, performance and quality. For larger projects it will usually need to hire an independent consultant supervision project
Traditional procurement is the most common source for small and medium-sized projects. Usually committee advisor to design and specifications of the works, and then by a contractor building respectively. In the actual construction site may participate in the subcontractor by the contractor. Traditionally, the contractor to provide the lowest bidding work will be awarded the contract. Once the building contract completion, consultants and contractors have limited liability for the subsequent long-term performance of the building. The downside of this approach include: hard to use in the most appropriate time to complete the range of skills and experience of the participants; Instead focus on initial life cost; A potential hostile contract relationship greater risks, cost and time overruns hostil
Standard from of contracts
Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build are recommended for the provision of electrical and/or mechanical plant, and for the design and execution of building or engineering works. Under the usual arrangements for this type of contract, the contractor designs and provides, in accordance with the employer’s requirements, plant and/or other works, which may include any combination of civil, mechanical, electrical and/or construction works
each of the above procurement routes has advantages and disadvantages toward suitability for PETROXIMAX oil company. Traditional Procurement offers a large degree of value for money especially when a competitive tendering method is adopted. Also the fact that designs are almost complete before work begins on site means that variations and extras are kept to a minimum, and high financial control can be achieved. The main disadvantage of traditional procurement however, is that the client takes all the risk in terms of design and financially. For these reasons I believe that this procurement route would not be suited to the new community centre project.
Cost, time and quality of the three most important parameters of project performance. In today's fierce competition and uncertain business environment, customer requests get better value from their investment. They hope that their projects are completed on time, the estimated cost and with the right quality. Using a variety of project procurement system shows that the construction industry is trying to meet customer demand. That is because different procurement methods have different effects on cost, time and quality of the project. Each project procurement system has its own particularity and postal terminology the pre-tender estimate of bidding activities and processes, between the effectiveness of the risk of the customer and the contractor and project monitoring and control.

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