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Published: 2021-07-29 17:50:08
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ELECTRONIC COMMERCE e-commerce comes from English, shorthand for the EC. As its name suggests, its content consists of two aspects, one is electronic and the second is trading activities. E-commerce refers to the use of simple, fast, low-cost electronic means of communication, are not met, the seller and all kinds of business events. E-commerce can be accomplished through a variety of electronic means of communication. Simple, like you by phone or fax with customers by means of trading activities, it seems, can be referred to as e-commerce, but, now, it's the discussion on e-commerce is mainly to EDI (electronic data interchange) and the INTERNET to complete. Especially with the increasingly sophisticated INTERNET technology, e-commerce on real development will be based on INTERNET technology. So it was also referred to as e-business IC (INTERNET COMMERCE). From trade activities of angle analysis, e-commerce can in multiple links achieved, this also can will e-commerce is divided into two a levels, more low-level of e-commerce as electronic business, and electronic trade, and electronic contract,; most full of is highest of e-commerce should is uses INTENET network to for all of trade activities, that in online will flow, and commercial flow, and funds flow and part of logistics full to achieved, that is, you can from looking for customer began, has been to negotiate, and ordering, and Online payment (collection), open according to electronic invoicing and electronic declarations, electronic tax through the INTERNET is easy. To achieve a complete e-commerce also has many dimensions, in addition to buyers, sellers, and also to banks or financial institutions, government agencies, certification bodies, distribution centers and other institutions to join it. Because parties involved in e-commerce are met each other in physical, so the entire e-commerce business process is not the physical world a replica of, Internet banking, online electronic payment and other conditions, electronic signature and data encryption technology in electronic commerce plays an important and indispensable role in. E-commerce security with SSL and SET two of the most common species. E-commerce is divided into General and special e-commerce. Broad e-commerce is defined as, using a variety of electronic tools for business or activity. These tools range from junior of the Telegraph, telephone, radio, TV, fax, computer, computer networks, NII (national information infrastructure-information highway), the GII (global information infrastructure) and the Internet and other modern systems. Business activity is from generic commodity (physical and non-physical, non-commercialization of commodities and production factors, and so on) need activities to pan the reasonable and lawful consumption of commodities after a typical production process is dropped all of its activities. Narrow definition of e-commerce, the main use of the Internet for business or activities. E-commerce is in modern society, with highly developed technical, economic, and access to information technology and business rules, and systematic use of electronic tools, high efficiency, low cost commodity exchanges as a general term for the various activities of the Centre. This analysis highlight has e-commerce of premise, and Center, and focus, and purpose and standard, pointed out that it should reached of level and effect, it is on e-commerce more strictly and reflected era requirements of defines, it from system of views starting, stressed people in system in the of Center status, will environment and people, and people and tool, and people and subject of labor organic to contact up, with system of target, and system of composition to defines e-commerce, to makes it has productivity of nature; B2B, and B2C, and C2C, the Republic B2M, M2C, and B2A (B2G), C2A (C2G) seven categories of e-business model
Answer of question 1
E-commerce has become a modern-day necessity. Main features of e-commerce make money through commercial transactions on the Internet. I choose e-commerce website at www.ASUS.com. Types of e-commerce sites with 7 unique features, such as: ubiquitous, Global Reach, universal standards, Richness, Interactivity and Personalization/customization, information density.
7 Unique Features of E-Commerce Technology
Ubiquitous can reduce transaction costs, and this is no need to spend time and money to consumers in a wider context, ubiquitous e-commerce reduced cognitive energy need to be traded on the market.
Global Reach
Technologies reach across borders, surrounding the Earth all over the world. Far more convenient and cost-effective than genuine traditional commerce is e-commerce enabled across cultural and national boundaries. Market including the possibility of billions of consumers and businesses.
Universal Standards
Common criteria business meaning a set of technical standards, the Internet standard low market entry costs, lower cost product search, and by creating a single, a world market place, where price queries will become simpler, faster, more accurately and easily find all the suppliers, prices and terms of delivery of a particular product anywhere in the world
Broad technological dimension business significance of video, audio, and text messaging is possible e-commerce technology transforms the traditional trade-off between richness and scope. The Internet and the Web to millions of viewers and provide a wide range of marketing messages in ways not possible with traditional technologies like radio, television and magazines.
Interactivity allows businesses and consumers consumer communication is two way dialogue, dynamically adjusts to your personal experiences, and allow consumers to deliver goods to the market during a co participant. (This is not possible in other media such as television, radio) is similar to the in-person experience, but in the global
Information Density
Information Density reducing information costs and will significantly improves the quality of information processing, storage, and communication costs declined, although greatly improved the accuracy and timeliness. Information becomes one of the merchants can sell the same market different prices for different goals and good rich, cheap and accurate Eg price discrimination
Personalization allows personalization of the message to be delivered to individuals and group marketing message personalization and customization of products and services based on personal characteristics
7 unique features of e-commerce technology in Asus
Asus use Web site and wholesalers to sell their products, because customers can order online as well as to the nearest computer center purchase.
Global Reach
Asus websites worldwide, because his site has a variety of products and set the people of different nationalities can be in multiple languages
Universal Standards
Asus Internet standards and low market entry costs, lower cost product. The world can more easily, faster, more accurately and easily find all the suppliers, prices and terms of delivery of a particular product
ASUS Internet put some rich video and patterns to attract customers.
Asus Web site will set the pick-up service to customer inquiries and resolve some problems, so that the customers understand what they needed.
Information Density
Asus Web site prices are the same, even the money of different countries, the ratio is the same
Asus company can make a computer in accordance with individual needs, but prices will be more expensive.
In the Asus website has some bad features. Features are Interactivity. Because some of the Asus website customer service bad service and bad attitudes, cause we have a hate on Asus and unpleasant. I hope they will change their attitude to customers, so as to increase customers and revenue.
Conclusion of question 1
In conclusion, the seven unique features is essential for all e-commerce sites. E-commerce can give us convenient and save time, because time is money.
Introduction to question 2
Online shopping is a modern logistics industry development of the Internet, banks shopping Web site to purchase goods or services via the Internet. In simple terms, the entire transaction process through the Internet, Web and shopping together B2C or C2C model interface technology to accomplish a new mode of shopping, is an important part of e-commerce. Owners through their own Web sites, with people selling goods or providing services directly in the network. The modern, which is everyone satisfied with the service.
Answer of question 2
Expert survey shows that most young people like to purchase the service online. Buy online are using the Internet to sell their products to customer service. Benefits of first purchase online here. Buy online can save you time. How to say save time? We do not need to specifically go look at, just to site a few you can find our favorite items or clothing, and quicker pace with modern life, cause we don't have any time to go shopping. Secondly, we purchase online articles do not need to go get it yourself, because they will express to us, save us time and trouble, you only need to sign your name. Third, some online purchases are accepted 24 hours orders. Because everyone's work time and work time is not the same, sometimes going to buy items or clothing, shops closed, buy online is not the same, 24 hours, whether you many nights just a message, pay for it and to address, would express what you need items for you. Each will have benefits, and disadvantages, of course, buy online what's the harm? We now explain. Buy online defects, services, owners of some online services are very poor, lead us to buy online is a bit annoying. Secondly, payment problems, some cheats have you chosen, after a successful transfer will close the Web site on the Internet, so you have been cheated, therefore website will have a certain amount of risk. Final version is wrong, sometimes our sites to see something so beautiful, when received and after photos see varied widely. Hope for those disadvantages could be improved, playing everyone's knowledge capabilities to improve purchase online.
Conclusion of question 2
In conclusion, bring a lot of benefits for us in the process of e-commerce sites, because he has brought us convenience and save time so that we can take time to do more work. It is also, we should strengthen network security to protect the user's privacy, so privacy is not only occur with theft.

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