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Published: 2021-07-03 12:40:05
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Rich Brother, Poor Brother- Chapter 6:
      Richie what is this meeting about? I am meeting with my lawyer, the owner of a huge lot I want to purchase and the bank representative who will provide the financing. If all goes well I plan to build 52 houses and make a nice profit on the upside. Upside what is that, Darnell asked? Don't worry I'll explain later. Oh and one last thing if you do speak make sure that you use any of the following 3 words in any of your sentences with a big grin on your face. Grin, Darnell asked? Yes a smile goes a long way, it says a lot about your confidence and self esteem. So what are the THREE words? They are PLEASE, THANK YOU AND EXCUSE ME. You can also say sorry if the occasion is appropriate. Can you do that young man. Yes Sir! Awesome let's go in. The meeting was such a great experience. No book could of taught me what I learned in those few hours.
      Darnell: I must say I was impressed with Richie's performance. It was nothing like I had imagined it. I had a picture of Richie being aggressive, bold and persuasive. Instead when he arrived he spent the first 30 minutes asking about their families and how they were doing. He asked many questions that had nothing to do with business for a while. People just loved the way he spoke. I loved the way he listened. During the meeting he did 25% of the talking and spent 75% of the time listening. I also observed how he kept his cool when the pressure was building up during the negotiation stage.
      At one point the owner of the lot and his lawyer got upset at his proposal. The owner of the lot was Richard Bruns and he stood up and screamed to the top of his lungs "your crazy Richie if you think I am going to accept your offer, it's not fair. How could you offer me $5,100,000 for this lot when you know I am asking $5,500,000. Come on I thought you was a serious buyer. Why are you wasting my time?" And Richie replied "Well I did some research and I think you are asking way too much for your piece of land. It has to be a WIN-WIN proposal for the both of us. And for your information in life and business you never get what you think is fair, you only get what you negotiate and that is my last and final offer sir, Richie said seriously." Mr. Bruns stormed out of the room and I thought for sure the deal was dead.
The whole room was very quiet for at least 20 seconds. Richie whispered to his lawyer don't worry I always like to low ball them because if you don't, you will never know just how low they will go. My rule is to make an offer that you even feel embarrassed to present. You know you've made a good offer when you feel weird about presenting it, then when they cool off I come back with my final counter-offer." I sure hope you know what you are doing the lawyer responded to Richie. When Mr. Bruns returned Richie said " Mr. Bruns please excuse me if I offended you, that was not my intention. However, after doing my numbers I think the offer I just made you is very reasonable and it has to make sense for you and me. If you can please accept my offer, we can all get the ball rolling and end this meeting early. What do you say, asked Richie?" After a long 15 second wait and to everyone's surprise Mr. Bruns said ok give me $5,150,000 and you got a deal. I need the extra $50,000 to pay off a small loan. Ok let’s do it Mr. Bruns. You got a deal. Hands were shaked and contracts were signed. Richie's lawyer could not believe it actually worked! Richie was the Real Deal.
      Darnell: After the meeting was over Richie asked me what I thought about how the meeting went. Richie at that moment I decided I would spend the rest the rest of my life surrounding myself with CHAMPIONS. I realized that only a champion can raise another champion. Just being in that meeting and seeing firsthand how a world class negotiator performs impacted me in a huge way. That’s correct Darnell and just knows that every champion that has ever achieved something extraordinary, was first inspired by another champion. This is why I always surround myself with other powerful people. I like to call it the "Power Circle." Having powerful people in your circle will always keep you playing at your best. Thanks Richie, I can’t wait to form my very own "Power Circle."
      So Richie when did you get inspired to start working on your first deal? Darnell I will never forget that day because it all happened on my 19th Birthday. Mr. Zabala took me to eat at my favorite seafood restaurant in City Island at the "Lobster Box". Their food is so good and the have great views of the Long Island Sound, Sag Harbor. When we arrived Mr. Zabala said "hey Richie don't be shy, order whatever you want". Are you sure I said. "He laughed as he answered "yes I am sure". He laughed because it was his ritual to say the same comment every time we went to that restaurant. So I ordered the usual a broiled lobster tail, a baked potato and a side of King Crab Legs with lots of butter. I washed it down with a glass of ginger ale. Yes I totally love seafood and at the rightful age of 19, I sure had a big appetite. I must say the food was yummy delicious. I was so stuffed that we decided to go on a walk by the Sag Harbor. It was so beautiful and the scene was very picturesque. At a far I could see the N.Y. city skyscrapers. The beautiful buildings pulled me in. The water was a pristine blue and glistened with every move. We walked for 20 minutes or so, soaked in all the beauty the harbor offered and then we drove back home. On the way back home Mr. Zabala said Richie I have to make a few stops along the way, is that ok with you. Sure thing Boss.
      The first stop was at a 3 family brick corner building in the nicer part of Brooklyn, New York. Hey Richie come with me, it won't take long. As we entered the property I saw him go from apartment to apartment collecting rents. After we left this house we passed by a few more of his properties to collect more rents. He had so much cash he had a hard time fitting it into his pocket. He had to start giving me some of the CASH so I could put it into my pocket.  It felt very weird but awesome stuffing my pockets with all of this cash. I had so much cash that I had to put some of it into my drawers and socks also. I almost tripped going down one of the stairs with all the excitement. Till this day Darnell I still don't know if he did that on purpose. Either way, it pumped me up.
      Oh it didn't end there because after he finished collecting his rents we went to his house to store the money since it was Sunday and banks would not be open till the next day. When we arrived Mrs. Zabala came over to congratulate me and she also mentioned that several tenants came by to drop off their rents. I was so amazed and could not believe what I was witnessing. Mr. Zabala literally had a money making machine. Hey Richie can you help me count this money and do some book keeping before you leave. Sure thing Mr. Zabala. As I was helping him the door bell kept ringing every few minutes. Everytime I heard the door ring, all I heard was Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching. In all 6 more tenants came by to drop off their rents. I could not take it anymore, so I asked him hey Mr. Zabala how can I build my very own Real Estate Empire. I can see here that you have collected in total 20 rents today. Now that's a lot of money.
      Of course I would like to show you but I can't. You can't, I asked? What do you mean you can't. By now, I was pissed. I tried to hide my reacting but I couldn’t. Well I shouldn't say I can't because I can, but I choose not to. Mr. Zabala with all do respect I am getting very impatient. Why is it that you are choosing not to share with me your wealth building strategies. Richie don't take it personal. Well I am, replied Richie. Look young man, I can't show you how to write without first showing you the ABC's. Translate please, Richie commented. I cannot and will not show you how to create wealth without first...Richie interrupted I know, I know the right beliefs. Well yes that is correct but that is not what I was going to say. I was going to say "without first teaching you certain Wealth Principles". OK, I am all ears. Hold on young man, now is not the time to have that conversation. Besides it's too late and you will also have to prove yourself. PROVE MYSELF! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT? I'm not going to get into that right now Richie, replied Mr. Zabala. So how will I know when I am ready. You won't, but I will.
      As I headed home that night, I just kept on thinking how long will it take for me to be ready. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. When I got home my cousin Paul was over visiting Diego who had just come out of jail for the 3rd time in the past 6 years. So Richie how you doing , asked Paul? I'm great, really-really great Paul. So what's new, asked Paul? A lot but I can't talk much now. I have to take a quick bath, eat my dinner and meet with some friends in 45 minutes to work on a paper that is due tomorrow in school. Diego interrupts, Paul leave Mr. Businessman alone, he's always in a hurry. Even when he went to visit me in the jail he was never there for more than 15 minutes. Richie jumps in " So Diego you complaining that I only went to see you for 15 minutes or so but for how long did your friends go visit you for? That has nothing to do with this Diego commented. You see Paul he's complaining, but none of his friends ever went to see him. Only mom, sis, you and me. So Diego if you don't have anything positive to say please shut up! You SHUT UP, screamed Diego! So your the boss now Richie? No never was and never will be, just tired of hearing your negativity. Sorry Paul but I have to run now, at least I want to do something positive with my life. Richie took a quick bath, ate his dinner and in 20 minutes was out the door.
      During the next few weeks all I thought about was the feeling of all that cash in my pockets. Every time I heard the door bell ring in my house, it sounded like the Ka-Ching going off in my minds cash register. Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching! But what did Mr. Zabala mean when he said "I wasn't ready". That I had to prove myself? What did that mean? Did he mean I wasn't ready? Did he mean I was to young? Did he mean I was not smart enough? At that moment, I realized those were all limiting beliefs and the complainer was making it mean something that didn't even exist. So I choose to end this suffering once and for all. So what did you do Richie, asked Darnell? I decided I was going to confront him and ask him face to face by what he meant when he said I wasn't ready. In my gut I felt I was ready and he most certainly needed to hear that from me.
      So I decided I was going to go to his other supermarket over on Hendrix St. Since I knew he usually went there on Thursdays to oversee things. When I arrived at the store he was in the meat freezer going over inventory with the store manager. When I entered the supermarket I was so nervous as I walked down the perfectly neat rows of merchandise. When I got to the back of the supermarket something told me to forget it, and just turn around. For a quick moment I said "Richie what are you doing here, you know Mr. Zabala does not like to be interrupted when he is working. Then, suddenly I realized it was just the complainer doing his thing. I quickly shut him up, flipped it 360 and proceeded into the freezer despite being afaid and nervous.
      Hey Richie, what are you doing here, asked Mr. Zabala? Is everything OK? Yes sir, everything is OK, just wanted to have a talk with you. Well, I can't now but come Sunday afternoon and we can talk then. Sunday, I said with urgency. Yes Sunday, replied Mr. Zabala. Can it be sooner because it's very important. Richie unless it is an emergency, it will have to wait. It is important but not an emergency. OK, now that we are clear on that, can you leave me alone, I have a lot of work to do. Ok, see you around 3:00 pm, Richie said. That sounds perfect young man, he replied with a smile that meant please leave kiddo. You’re bothering me. For some reason I felt very impatient. I was so eager to know what was the secret to his wealth and I kept wondering why he was making me wait so long? After all what was the big deal. I knew deep down in his heart I was like a son to him, so why was he making me wait.
      The next three days lasted an eternity.  Something in me was happening but I did not know exactly how to describe it. My mom even noticed Darnell. She kept on asking me if I was OK, if there was something I wanted to talk about. I kept telling mom I was OK, but mothers know best and could definitely tell that I was not being my normal self. Darnell, come to think of it Mr. Zabala helped me wake up the Entrepreneur in me. I was hooked with the possibility of having a few Golden Gooses. Darnell have you ever heard the story of the goose who laid golden eggs. Oh that story, yes that's where this goose kept on laying golden eggs.
Until one day someone wanted to kill the golden goose to get all of the remaining golden eggs. That's correct Darnell. Now do you think that was the right thing to do Darnell. I don't know Richie? Just think it through for a moment. The answer is NO, Richie! Why? Because if you kill the goose, then it won't produce more golden eggs that were inside of her. EXACTLY, that's my point! You see Darnell Mr. Zabala had many golden gooses and these golden gooses produced golden eggs consistently for him, which in turn provided him with a great lifestyle. This is why I was so anxious and eager to learn all he knew. Ok, I get it. Come Richie please finish with you story because we are about 90 miles from NY and I want you to finish your story before we get there.
      Darnell the very next day after I spoke to Mr. Zabala I specifically remember asking Diego to lend me his car so that I could go on a date. Normally when I would go out, I would take the train, however this time I really wanted to impress this girl. Diego at the time had a spanking brand new 1994 soft top cherry red mustang convertible. It had low performance tires and some really cool rims. It was a dream car and I knew how jealous he was with his baby but I just had to take a chance and ask him. He liked to call her "Rosa". So did you ask him, asked Darnell? Yes that Saturday evening he rushed in around 7:00 pm to get something, then he rushed out. Diego, I screamed, hold on I need to talk with you. Well follow me down, I'm in a hurry. Luckily when we entered the elevator it was empty. So what do you need bro, asked Diego? Diego I need a huge favor! I need to, to, tooooo. Yo stop stuttering and just tell me, will ya. Ok I need to borrow your car. At this point I was sweating la gota gorda. For seconds, time stood still. Then he screamed, MY CAR! ARE YOU CRAZY? Come on Richie, you know I don't lend my car to anyone. Come on do me this one time favor. Why do you need this car, asked Diego? I have a hot date tonight with Cindy, this pretty Boricua who has some killer legs, dark brown eyes and curly black hair to die for. I just met her and I really want to impress her. Come on you know I have a clean driver's license. Richie your emergency is not my emergency. The answer is NO! Come on, we are brothers and I've always been there for you the few times you needed me, Richie said. So now you’re rubbing it in my face huh. OK, look I will do it this one time but don't get used to it.
      When we arrived on the ground floor of our building (we don't call it a lobby, only nice building have a lobby), he told me to take him to drop him off at his drug spot; which liked to call "The Office". Once he peeled away, then he dropped the soft top and it was so cool to see it slowly roll back and feel the air blow my hair back while having my ear drums thump from the loud music coming from his expensive music system. As the music pumped, so did my heart. We sang to the latin music, danced in our seats, sung the songs out load and looked like two kids just having a good time. When I left him at "The Office", he said "look Richie don't drive fast and make sure you pick me up at 1:00 pm. Sure thing bro, I said as I slowly, peeled out from his spot.
      That night was so awesome. I felt like a King. The Ka-Ching King, at least that is what I kept repeating to myself. Cindy totally loved the car and we had a great time. We went out to dinner, talked and little by little I started to fall in love with her personality. But as much fun as we had, I had more fun driving her around in this cool car. I loved how I felt when I tugged the corners and revved her up. That night I decided that I was going use the money I had originally saved to buy a cool convertible. I knew that a similar car, but an older version was in the $8,000 range. So I came up with a plan to borrow the remaining $4,600 I needed from Mr. Zabala. There was only one problem Darnell. What was that Richie? My greatest challenge would be convincing Mr. Zabala to lend me the money because originally the purpose of saving that money was so that I could use it towards the down payment of my first home. Since I had a change of heart, I was going to tell him that I needed a car first, then I would save for the purposes of purchasing my first piece of Real Estate. I knew that if I wanted to convince him, I needed to come up with a good plan. So the plan I was going to present him was:
1 - Work extra hours
2-  Pay him a interest on the money I would borrow from him
3-  Get a extra job if needed
4-  Buy the property after I graduate from college
      Darnell everything sounded good in theory, now I just had to convince him in person. Sunday came real quick and as I walked over to his house I could not help but to feel nervous. Nervous about what he was going to share with me and nervous with what I had to share with him. When I arrived, he was in the den waiting for me. He was swinging on his rocking chair while listening to "Fly Me To The Moon" from his favorite singer Nat King Cole. He looked so relaxed and that made me even more nervous because I knew that what I had to share with him went against his rules. How are you doing Mr. Zabala, I mumbled softly. I'm doing fine young man. Richie I bet you're probably wondering why I denied telling you my wealth building principle's? Is that why you are here? Yes that's one of the reasons sir. So why did you take so long in sharing that information with me sir?
      Richie I wanted to see just how hungry you were. I wanted to see how far you would go without me telling you. I must say you definitely beat the last guy who had asked me the same question. So how long did he take. Put it this way Richie, I'm still waiting for him to come back and ask me. We both chuckled at this comment. So am I ready sir? Can you see how hungry I am to learn? Have I proved myself? Yes I can see you are ready and hungry, however your results and your ability to take consistent action will be your biggest challenge. Sir you leave that to me. I'm ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Ok, only time will tell, replied Mr. Zabala. What don't you believe in me Mr. Zabala? I do, but you still have to prove it. Success is a rollarcoaster ride with many up's and down's. Most people quit during the down's, that's why there are so few people in the up's. OK, game on sir, you'll see. I just hope God grant's you enough health so you can see all of my progress and successes. Mr. Zabala laughed, then went on to share his Wealth Building Principles with me.
WEALTH BUILDING PRINCIPLE #1:  Don't Chase Money. Attract It!
      Richie did you ever hear the story about a boy who tried to get a stubborn donkey to pull his cart? I can't say I did, Mr. Zabala. He invented a really smart way to get the donkey to go forward. His solution was to tie a carrot to the end of a rope attached to a stick. The carrot would hang in front of the donkey. The carrot was positioned in the donkey’s sight, but not reach.  Every time the donkey would see the carrot swing within his reach, the faster he would go. The carrot is just a metaphor for the things we want in life and the donkey of course represents us going after what we want in life. This is exactly how we act in life. We spend our lives chasing the carrot looking for happiness only to find out that, that it's not there so we take off again chasing the next carrot only to find more of the same shaped in a different form.
      It all started when you were a child in middle school. You probably said "when I graduate middle school, then I'll be happy. I know that in high school I will be very popular. Yep, that's when I'll be happy. When you arrived at high school and felt intimidated by all the seniors and great players on the team, then you said "Oh this is definitely is not it". I know when I become a senior that will be it. Those seniors are way too cool. Then you become a senior and you said "Oh this is definitely is not it". Now I have all this peer pressure to do all sorts of things, I'm just so confused. I really don't know what I'm gonna do with my life. Then one day you said, oh I know when I go to college that definitely will be it. I will get to be on my own, experience being totally independent and most of all I'll be away from my parents. That will totally be it. Now you’re in college and you say "Oh this is definitely is not it". Now you have a lot of homework, long papers due and all this stress to keep up with all your new demands. You start to doubt if you really made the right decision. Then you get a glimpse of hope with this new idea. I know I'll get into a relationship. That definitely will be it. So you get into a relationship and your madly in love. Then, you start to notice all these other gorgeous people who were not around before and all of a sudden they are now very much interested in you. "Oh this is definitely is not it". You find yourself asking if you really want to turn down all of these opportunities.
      I know I'll just be single again. then when you become single again, now you notice nobody's interested in you no more. You start to ask yourself "what happened, where did I go wrong". "Oh this is definitely is not it". Then one day you come up with a great idea. I know I'll go get a job so I can make money to buy everything I want. That will definitely be it. Then, you go out and get the job only to find out that it wasn't all you thought it too be. You find yourself saying "Holly crap, what did I get myself into". What no summers off, only two weeks of vacation and worst of all I have to wait until I'm 65 to retire. "Oh this is definitely is not it". I know, I'll get married so I can settle down and form a family. Yes, that will definitely make me happy. Then, you get married, and find you are arguing more than ever. Ever topic becomes an argument you never win. Now you have to take out the garbage before going to bed, help wash the dishes and help fold the laundry before going to bed. "Oh this is definitely is not it". I know I'll buy a nice car, furniture and a new house. Yep that for sure will make me happy. That's definitely it. Then you buy the house only to have all this constant influx of new bills and high interest payments. And you catch yourself saying "Oh this is definitely is not it". Oh I know if I have a child then that will definitely be it. That will certainly, without a doubt bring me a lot of joy. Yep this time I know 100% that is what I want. Then, you have your first born only to experience waking up several times in the middle of the night to a crying baby. Then you have to change the diapers, buy new clothes, watch after him/her, invest in their future and you say "Oh this is definitely is not it".
      Richie, people spend their whole lives in an attempt to get someplace they think will be it. Then they get bored once they arrive there, or find out it’s not as big or amazing as they made it out to be. The mistake is they spend their whole lives trying to get somewhere other than where they are. And if you are somewhere other than where you are, then you don't get to be in your life. You become a character in a fiction story that you created about your life.
What I want you to get is that you first have to be happy with what you have. Realize that happiness is where you are, not out there, somewhere. Learn to appreciate what you have and consciously make a choice to be grateful for what you have. Once you learn to appreciate what you have, then and only then should you attempt going after other things in life. The BIG DIFFERENCE now is that you’re not chasing the carrot looking for happiness, you’re just chasing it because you know you deserve more. In this scenario you will not be chasing it to make you happy, rather to improve your quality of life. Instead of coming from a space of lack, you will be come from a space of being grateful. All those that come from a space of gratefulness attract abundance. The second way to attract wealth is by following a principle the late philosopher Jim Rohn use to preach when he was alive "Success is something you attract by the person you become".
You must be willing to first become more so you can attract more. I love this philosophy because you are not going to put the attention on the carrot, instead you are going to put the focus on growing inwardly so you can attract outwardly that which you desire. Doing so will give you access to more money than you can imagine.
Wow that is so true Mr. Zabala. I can certainly see how following those principles will definitely help me attract money instead spending my entire life chasing it and chasing it for the wrong reasons might I add. I will never, ever forget this wealth principle. Thank you so much for this gift, I am truly honored to have you as my friend, coach and mentor. Ok, thank you for your flattery, Mr. Zabala replied while chuckling. With that said, let's move on to Wealth Principle # 2.
WEALTH PRINCIPLE #2: The average person loves to spend their money, while the wealthy look for ways to invest their money.
      What money means to each one of us individually is always just under the surface. Consider that money is not what you see it as but it is what you made it up as. You invented it and you also gave it a meaning weather you like it or not. In that meaning lies your relationship to it. This is why the problem you have about money is not the problem. The real problem is that most people have a poor relationship to money, it's no wonder their always broke and in high debt. Now that's the problem. This also explains why they don't invest and it's because of their relationship to money. Most people relate to money as a tool to buy their things. And when their paycheck comes, they spend it on bills and what they want and need. The problem is that the average person only thinks about today. They never think about tomorrow. All they think about is that they need to spend it today. Their relationship to money is to buy and pay for the things that they live on. So they see money as a means to live instead of creating a relationship to money as a tool that you they can use to create wealth. If you were to ask the average spender what they need money for, you would hear anyone of these comments:
I need money to go on vacation
I need money to pay my mortgage
I need money to pay my rent
I need money to buy me some new clothes for the upcoming wedding
I need money to buy those new car rims I really want
I need money to buy my kids some new toys
I need money to buy myself a new toy (motorcycle, xbox, playstation, jet ski, etc...)
I need money to buy my boyfriend/girlfriend the watch they wanted the other day...
I need money to pay my credit cards
People with a spending mentality often relate to the word ‘investments’ as:
something I’ll do someday
I'm too broke to even think about investments
You need money to make money
I know nothing about getting rich, so why even try
I don't know nobody who can teach me
I know nothing about managing my money and every time I try I mess it up even more
It sounds too difficult
That's not for me
That sounds like too much work
      So Richie would you like to have a breakthrough in this area of your life, asked Mr. Zabala? I sure would sir. Great! Let's start out by analyzing the difference between the two types of mentalities when it comes to money and the impact they have on your life. Let’s get into the mindsets of the spender and the investor and analyze how they relate to money.
The Spender Mindset vs. The Investor Mindset
Mentality #1: Investors relate to money as a tool to build wealth, while the spenders relate to money as if it were some sort of emotion.
      Richie let me ask you a question. Shoot Mr. Zabala.
What would you do if you won the New York Lottery of $1,000,000? Just imagine for a moment that were it real and that you could literally buy anything you wanted. What would you do with all of that money? "The first thing I would do is  buy my family a big house, then I would go on vacation with my girlfriend, then I would buy a brand new mustang, then I would buy investment property and....hold on young man. Let me ask you a question" How does the thought of all of this sound to you, asked Mr. Zabala. I am really excited and even sweating right now with just the thought of the whole thing, I was already visualizing myself there buying all these things. Hey stop Richie, I get the point. Wow you are really pumped up. Yes sir, I sure am. That's exactly my point, commented Mr. Zabala. What point? That is exactly how most people react to the thought of money. Just the thought of having all this money drove you emotionally crazy. Once this sets in, you are now being controlled by your emotions instead of you controlling your emotions.
      Just get that money should not be something that should trigger you to go emotional crazy. Rather, we should look at it as a tool to build wealth. So how do I do that, Mr. Zabala. For now all I really want you to do is get this message in your bones. It's not something that you need to learn, understand or even believe. It's just something that I want you to get. It's like when you first ride a bicycle, you keep falling until one day you finally get it. And once you get it, you will never forget it.
      When it comes to money and investing, you must learn to control your emotions. Some of your biggest financial decisions will come with huge excitement. For example when you decide to buy your first house, you will be overly excited but you must learn to calm down so that you do not make a huge mistake. If you let that event get the best of you then you could potentially end up buying the home for more money than what it actually cost. When you get too excited it does not allow you too think logically. It's almost impossible to do both at the same time. Two emotions can not be in the same place at the same time. On the other hand investors, think things through logically to see if it makes sense and when they have done their numbers and research then and only then will they take action. As you can see being too excited when confronting a financial decision can be disastrous. Not thinking things through could cause you to drown in the sea of your emotions. It blinds your decision making and negotiation capabilities.
Mona we need to rewrite this entire section that is highlighted in yellow.
      Richie how much money do you have in the bank right now. I have about $3,400. Ok, I want you to withdraw all of it from the bank tomorrow. You do, I asked nervously. Yes I do! I want you to hold it all in your hands, then I want you to stare at it for 60 seconds. Your heart is going to start pounding faster when you see and touch it but I want you to just be with it. Be With It! What does that mean? What that means is just to look at it without reacting or getting excited by it. Notice the paper, color, pictures and its texture. When the 60 seconds is over I want you to tell the money this following message: You will never ever control me. I will use you as a tool to duplicate yourself into more money. You will be my slave and work for me, not the other way around. YOU GOT THAT! That sounds weird but I will take that on sir. I know it's weird but as stupid as a may sound, this simple exercise will help you avoid reacting to money. Doing so will help you realize it is a tool and that it is there to multiply and work for you, not the other way around. Ok, now I got it Mr. Zabala!
Investor Mentality #2: Investors will first think what they will do with the money after they receive it, while the Spenders will spend it before they even get it.
      Richie every year when people file their returns, they often spend their money before they even receive it. However, the people with the investor mentality will take that same $5,000 and find a way to invest it. The BIG DIFFERENCE is that they sit down and really think what they will do with that money after they receive it. While the spenders will come up with many ways to spend it, way before they even receive the money. So my advise Richie, is as follows: next time you get a sum of money weather it be a paycheck or maybe even some money you have in your bank account, do not spend it without first thinking, planing or even reaching out for advise on how you could possibly invest it. As Mr. Zabala said this, I immediately broke into a sweat. If he only knew what I was thinking of telling him just a few minutes ago that I wanted to borrow $4,600. Boy, am I glad I never asked. I replied to his statement with a "Yes sir, sure will".
Investor Mentality#3: Investors know that Having Self Control leads to Millions
Most of the money we spend, takes money out of your future wealth. Then, again most people might disagree by saying "but I don't spend money on unimportant things. Or I just make enough, just to get by". Just consider that most people spend unnecessary money on purchasing things that are just your addictions or non-planned activities. Many people are addicted to smoking, soda, morning coffee's, daily junk food, buying stuff online they really don't need. It may not seem like much but $2.00 here, and $4.00 there and $8.00 there adds up. The average person in America usually spends around $8.00 to $12.00 a day on unnecessary stuff which I like to call non-planned activities.
      That may not seem like a lot, but try adding that up. If we were to take $10 and times it by 30, that would be $300 you spend extra monthly. Now times that by 12 months and that's $3,600. Multiply that by 40 years and that is $144,000. Now imagine if you took that same $3,600 and invested it every year into a mutual fund, Roth Ira or a Universal Life Insurance. That could represents millions of dollars down the road. Or let's say that you took 2 or 3 years of savings and invested it into Real Estate which usually has a minimum of a 1.5% annual appreciation rate. That could also represent a huge return on your investments down the road.
      One way to gain self control is too consider ripping up your debit card. If you had no debit card you would probably not, no you would most certainly spend less money on your addictions and your non-planned activities. A simple method to saving more is to withdraw weekly from your bank account the exact amount you will need for gas, food and other expenses you will need to get by during the week. If you knew you only had $40.00 left to get you by for the next 3 days, would you go out and buy a $25.00 lunch? I bet you wouldn't. That's exactly my point. Now that extra money that you were able to save as a result of your self control is an opportunity for a future investment. It's this type of thinking that will help you save that extra money to become wealthy. Just consider that every bad habit you have is costing you millions of dollars in the long run. If you want to have a breakthrough in this area just bring integrity back into this area. Bringing your word, your focus and your self control will cause a shift in how you relate to money, which will also cause a shift in the amount of money you will get to have in your bank account.
Investor Mentality #4: Successful Investors spend money on their priorities, then invest the difference while the spender mentality people  do the complete opposite.
      Richie would you like to know when to spend your money and when not to spend your money? I sure would Mr. Zabala.  Let your priorities be your guide. Spend money on your priorities, then invest the difference. As you grow and take on more responsibilities in life, you will get tempted to spend money on things you want but don't need. This is the exact mistake most people do in life Richie. Every time they get extra money or a raise they go out and buy a bigger house, new cars, new watch, jewelery, clothes, go on more vacations and eat out more. They rationalize for their behaviors by saying "well I deserve it, I work really hard". Many of these people join the "ALL FLASH, NO CASH CLAN". Notice Richie I said many, not all. When this group suffers a job loss, they start refinancing their homes, spending their savings to catch up on their bills or live on borrowed money. Before you know it, they owe so much that they drown in their own misery.
      Richie I'm not saying that you should not enjoy your life, all I am saying is that you should live below your means and have low expenses should the hard times come. And trust me they will. One thing is for sure the Investor Mentality Champions have low expenses, and keep their expenses low, while the spender has high expenses. The Investor Mentality Champions spend money on their priorities and invest the difference while the spender pays his priorities then spends the difference on wants. The wealthy enjoys his leisure from his investments while the spender has to work all his life to make money for his leisure's. They are like the hamster on the wheel that never ends. They spin and spend a lot but get no where.
WEALTH PRINCIPLE #3: The average person has a "Job Mentality", while the wealthy have a "Investor Mentality".
      Richie how many times did you hear your parents say that if we got good grades then someday we would get a good job. All the time Mr. Zabala, I still hear it. Exactly, we were brought up with the notion that if we got good grades, then someday we would have a great job which could provide us with security and a great life style. Now our parents meant all the best, they are just doing what their parents taught them. This consistent message created what I like to call the "Job Mentality". And if you really think about it, there is no good job. In order for a job to be considered a good job, they would have to guaranteed that they will never fire you. But, we both know that will never be the case.
    When you have a "Job Mentality" everything revolves around your job. And everything you think, do and want revolves around that job. If you want to go on vacation, you have to ask your boss for vacation. If you want to leave early you have to ask for permission. Your cellular bill is paid from your pay check which came from your job. Your monthly utilities is paid by your pay check. Your monthly grocery shopping is paid by your pay check. Your credit cards are paid by your pay check. Your rent or your mortgage payments are paid by your pay check. Your vehicle and car insurances are paid by your pay check. Now what would happen if one day, the unexpected were to happen Richie, and you got laid off or fired. How would continue to live without a check coming in on a weekly basis? How would your family eat? How will you pay your bills?  This is what happens when your whole life revolves around your job. This is what I mean when I say most people have a "Job Mentality".
      When you have a "Job Mentality" you are trading your time for money. You are selling your time so you can pay the bills and your responsibilities. But this also comes with a huge cost if you do it for a long time. You start to neglect your health, go out less with the family, miss dental appointments. You forget to change the brakes on your car and before you know it you are stuck in the rat race.
      I'm sure you get the message by know Richie, asked Mr. Zabala. Kind of, so what you are saying is that I should not rely on a job for the rest of my life. That I should start my own business like you. Now that would be your choice, and that is not what I am suggesting. So what exactly are you suggesting Mr. Zabala? What I'm saying is that you can't depend on one resource to make a living. You can still keep your job if you love it. But, having the "Investor Mentality" is simply finding different ways of having different income streams should the unexpected occur. The "Investor Mentality" has various income streams and few expenses.
      Investors also say that you are not going to achieve all of your dreams through your job, but you can achieve it through your investments. Think about it, if your investments brought in more money on a monthly basis than your job, would you really go and work for someone else. Did you know Richie that this is the formula for early retirement? WHAT DID YOU SAY, PLEASE REPEAT THAT Mr. Zabala? Ah now I got your attention huh. Yes you did sir! You can choose to retire when your monthly income that is generated through your investments is more than your monthly expenses. This type of income is known as passive income. Money that comes in every month without you having to work for it. Wow that is so deep, yet simple Mr. Zabala. Yes it is young man. Richie another reason why I encourage people to develop the "Investor Mentality" is because they can gain leverage through their investments. Having investments will allow you the opportunity to multiply your time. Instead of exchanging time for money, now the money generated through your investments will give you the time to do as you wish, buy what you wish and go where you wish.
Wealth Principle #4: The Investor Mentality Champions create their wealth, while the spenders complain about their lack of wealth.
      Richie the wealthy are always on the lookout for their next investment opportunity. They wake up everyday thinking where is the next deal to be made. They know there are so many opportunities out there because they know that the average person is just too lazy to go out and do something about it. They are simply comfortable being comfortable. Jumping out of their comfort zone just doesn't seem like a possibility they want to experiment. They are so stuck in their own world that anything outside of the norm just sounds too difficult.
Their world is a world of reaction, while the world of the Investor Mentality Champions is all about creations. The typical day of the complainer is going to work, then going back home, then going to work, then going back home, then going to work, then going back home. They get so caught up in a world of reacting that they forget to create. Then they complain about all their money problems, yet they do nothing about it. Living in this mode actually numbs their own potential and greatness.
      Richie did you know that most of the properties and businesses I have today are a direct result of me creating those opportunities. How did you do that sir? I would drive around town putting my name on every property or business I wanted to own someday. Your name on it? What do you mean by that? Ok, let me explain what  I mean. I used to wake up at 3:00 am every morning and go over to the bread factory on Jamaica, Queens to pick up the bread I would distribute. Back then I was nineteen and I worked for Mr. Lonzo who owned a bread route in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He was a old fashioned Italian in his mid fifties with a rough beard and a heavy Italian accent. Whenever we would drive around town and I would see a business or a building that I wanted to someday own, I would point to it and say that's going to be mine and that's going to be mine and that corner building will be mine one day. Mr. Lorenzo at the time thought I was totally crazy. Without me even realizing it, I was creating the very thing I wanted. I did it by dreaming, visualizing, voicing out loud and thinking consistently of what I wanted to accomplish. That is what I mean when I said you must put your name on it.
      Richie the reason why people don't do this is because they don't believe it will happen. But if they only knew that creating wealth or anything you want in life starts with just voicing out loud to the universe what you want. It's only when you manifest to other people and the universe what you are out to create is that the universe aligns with you for the realization and fulfillment of that request.
Suddenly people, events and circumstances will show up out of nowhere to help you fulfill your goal. You will also notice how out of nowhere you will start to meet people who have the same goals in common with you. Or it might look like a call you were not expecting from someone with a great business opportunity. It might sound crazy at first but it's just how the wealthy think. They create a universal realignment just out of doing this. This very simple method starts to pull towards you, what you so dearly want. This is where creation is born. So if I were you, I would first become clear with what it is that you want in life, then go out and light up the world by declaring out loud what you are out to create. Oh don’t forget to back it up with action. You can declare all you want but if you do not take massive action, then nothing miraculously is going to happen. Declaration creates the possibility but action makes it a reality.
Wealth Principle #5  Investor Mentality Champions do not live inside the world of "Scarcity", they live inside the world of "Abundance".
      Most people are afraid to invest because they look at their bank account and say "how can I become a investor if I am always broke. First you should know that you are not your Bank account. Most people feel very excited when they have a lot of money in their savings account but when their account is low they create an interpretation, or story, that they are not good at the money game.
      When you start making yourself the victim of your money's circumstances, you become powerless and your attitude and thoughts are reflected in your Bank account. It’s important to know that your Bank account and the mistakes you have made in the past in reference to money were just an event that occurred, nothing more, nothing less. What happens is that we start to create interpretations of that event and think negatively about those events and that will absolutely impact your results in the present and stop you from creating and taking action.
One of the reasons why so many people are financially broke is due to their relationship with money. On a conscious or unconscious level, they believe that money is scarce. Yes, you heard me correctly---scarce. They think there’s not enough to go around. Their whole mindset is based on scarcity. It's all happening and you don't even know it's happening.
      For example: If you are an aspiring actor, you might say something like "oh, there’s just too much competition out there". If you’re aspiring to be a professional basketball player and join the NBA you might say something like, "there’s too many great players out there that are much better than me". And if you are one of those who want's to become a Real Estate Investor you might say something like "Oh that's too hard, besides I've heard so many horror stories of investors that have lost all their money trying" Bla, bla, bla...You see, this is a scarcity mentality.
      What you need to consider is that the rich and wealthy have a different mentality and relationship when it comes to money. They don’t think of it as being scarce but instead come from a space of ABUNDANCE. That is why some people lose all their money only to come back and make it all back again in a short time. It’s because they think ABUNDANCE! And because they think abundance, they look forward to investing. They actually attract what they think. When you think about it, the world is full of abundance everywhere we look. Two thirds of the earth is full of water, we have all the air we will ever need to breathe and everyday new businesses are created. So why limit yourself, your resources or your potential when we live in a world of abundance? Richie, I challenge you to expect abundance and that is EXACTLY what will show up in your life.
     So Richie did you ever ask Mr. Zabala to lend you the money? Of course not, are you crazy. After we had that conversation, everything I ever thought about money shifted for me. This conversation created a new relationship for me and till this day I still relate to money out of those 5 wealth principles. I literally built all of my wealth through these principles. Come to think of it, I am so glad I had Mr. Zabala in my life. Darnell looked at Richie with his shiny eyes full of sweet tears that were about to burst and said "Richie I am so glad that you are a part of my life". You too kiddo, Richie replied while nervously stuttering. Your a fine young man and I see a amazing leader in you about to burst. I so look forward to see your progress in your life's journey. As Darnell regained his composer he asked "So Richie after you learned these principles, what did you do with that knowledge? What was your first step in creating something from nothing?

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